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This journal features current contests that are going on with Zos Kias.

The new Zos Kias contest is open~

Zos Kias "Create Your Own Villain" Contest

You guys chose the theme, and this is the winner~

Contest: Create a member of the Covenant of the Luna, the villian in the Zos Kias series.  They can be normal humans, magic users, and even lycanthropes.  You haven't seen too much of this group yet, but they have appeared (Missions 7-9). The Covenant of the Luna's true goal remains unclear, but they are distrupting the order in our world by mixing magic where it doesn't belong.

You can read Zos Kias online~!

:bulletred:Design a character, including a bio (things like age, name, personality, and any pertinent abilities.
:bulletred:All mediums welcomed.
:bulletred:Limit three entries per person.
:bulletred:Have fun and be creative~
*Upon entering the contest, you agree to allow your character to be used with credit given in Zos Kias, should it be deemed

Deadline: April 1st

:bulletred:Volume 6 of Zos Kias (new in April)
:bulletred:Free art
*Prizes will vary based on number of entries in the contest. If you cannot provide a shipping address, other prizes, such as DA points or subscriptions, are available

Note:You do NOT need to be a member of this club to join the contest~


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isnt robbin in this too? did i forget to upload nina??? cause nina is one of her entries
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Yeah, you never uploaded it that I know of, lol. or at least never sent me the link XD
TeamTastyAssJams's avatar
nina? i sent it to u personally :(
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I don't remember you doing it Xd upload it to her account and send it to me?
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good girl XD
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You did this to make me angry, NE?!
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I drew Kaze-kitty... He looks normal. In my imagination.
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I'm sure he looks fine. I wanna see XD
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It's another sketchie. But maybe I'll make a Kazehiko sketch dump instead of putting him in the math sketch dump... We'll see.
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I want to dump Kitty into a sketch and you're happy?! D:<
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but he'll be in there right? XD that's all I care about, haha
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