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Drip drip drop, little april showers...

...okay, that's enough dripping.

...seriously, stop. no, don't go under the door! You can't- Ah jeez. Not the shop. Well, so much for the plywood and stuff.

No no, that's high enough. The shop is one thing, but the rest of it, Noooooo thank you.

No, stop.

Get back!



...phew. That was close.
[Edit] now gone. [/Edit]

That is all.
It. Is. March.


Alright. So. The future of my stories.

I have made little progress. I wish I could say otherwise.

I don't want to abandon them, though. I like writing. I just haven't found much motivation to write them lately.

And to make matters worse, I am writing, but not the stories I want to post. The stuff I'm writing is stuff that's never leaving my PC. It keeps the creative juices flowing, but they're not flowing where I want them to.

I have a problem.

In other news, forum website 910cmx is currently shut down entirely due to damage to the server harddrives. The site owner is trying to recover the data, but in the meantime the forums for that particular website are 404'd.

Popular sandbox game Minecraft just officially released version 1.9, which includes changes to the combat system, new structures in the End, shields, wingsuits, and other fun additions and modifications. I plan on releasing MegaMaze version 2, which is current to Minecraft 1.8, before making version 3 current to 1.9. Plan, being the keyword.

Aaaaaaand... That's it. This is Channel 6 News, signing off.
My New Years Resolution is to get off my butt and do something productive.
Christmas season is on. Decorations are being set up. France is ditching their "coward" stereotype... It's been a busy month.

I spend time writing stories I'm never gonna submit and then abandoning those for the next, and when I actually focus on the stories I've already submitted it's more to write a tropes list about them than actually writing the chapter.

You know what I want for Christmas? Work ethic. (that, and a bunch of video games, the systems to play them on, a new laptop, and my bike to be fixed)

So, anyone live where it snows? I wish it would snow down here. And I don't just mean a quick layer of powder that only sticks for like one night at most; I'm talking a thick blanket that lasts weeks, even months. I miss the northwest...

In other words, Team SSSN vs. Team NDGO was amusing, and Qrow vs. Winter was awesome.
One of the problems I have is sometimes it takes hitting the refresh button 50 times before a single web page will open. And that's one tab! With no other programs open! And even then there's no guarantee the Internet connection will stay open long enough to click "go to next page" or "submit this post" or whatever. Heck, I don't even know if the Internet's gonna be open when I click 'post' for this very journal! How many tries is it gonna take?

In other news, Halloween came and went. It rained, and before it did we didn't have much in the way of trick-or-treaters anyway. No costumes. This year wasn't a good Halloween year. But on the plus side, I got to decorate a pumpkin. Earlier in October we took the risers out from under my grandparents' bed. These risers are black and look kinda like top hats almost. So I spraypainted a pumpkin white, painted black dots on it, gave it a "hat", and we had a snowman head.

In other other news, the All Star Cast they're getting for RWBY. Mercury's voice actor left, so they brought in Sasuke Uchiha. Since Monty is unable to voice Qrow as planned, they decided to get Edward Elric. And Weiss's sister Winter is voiced by the newest Major Motoko Kusanagi. Damn.

In other other other news, the opening to Halo 5 looks awesome.
This was a triumph, blah blah blah, Still Alive, yada yada music. I'll tell you what wasn't still alive: my Internet connection. Oh sure, I could use my phone's network, but you can't post journals on the mobile version. (what's that? App version? I don't know what you're saying but I got a journal to finish). Internet went out in August, just got back yesterday. Would've been Wednesday, except apparently we'd been without it so long they dropped us! Well, the automated voice mail thingy didn't recognize our account number, so we had to get a person. That was annoying.

And for a brief time, my power went out. Probably spent more on gas that week to run the generator than we do in three months for the car. Mostly because my grandmother needs the power for her breathing machine, and we can't sleep without the fans on because the lack of fans, air conditioning, and open windows (we have potential escapee kittens) turns the home interior into an oven. So that

But yay! Power's back. Internet's back. Everything's gonna be okay forever!

...what else was I gonna talk about? Oh. Right. Remember back in July I mentioned I'd read the My Little Pony part of the Infinite Loops fanfic series? ...well that kinda opened the gateway and now I've added pony fics to my reading list. I'm still not gonna watch the show, but now it's less avoiding it on principle and more not wanting to mess up how I hear everyone's voices in my head (and wanting to avoid the cringeworthy episodes and broken morals-of-the-day I've heard about (Mare-Do-Well? Ugh!)). Seriously, is it weird to like the fanfics but not the show the fanfics are based on?

So, given that my Internet was down for over a month, my power was briefly out, and I found a new form of distractions to read, on top of all my existing issues, guess how much progress I made. I just reread my journals through the last year and wow have I been unproductive. What happened to my drive? Seriously, when did I become that guy?
Hey, everyone. Still not dead. Still no progress. ...well, some progress. Tiny progress. Not "the chapter is done" amounts of progress, but progress nonetheless. But you guys don't care about progress you can't see, so may as well be no progress.

Anyway, one of the things I seem to do now is set a scene in my head to a piece of music. I've done this with Water!Amelia's little rescue in Chapter 6 (set to Avatar: The Last Airbender music) and the Iron Man-style flight test scene set to "Driving With The Top down" from Iron Man 1. I've got scenes in mind that use "Ice Fight" from Red vs. Blue, the re-entry scene from Revenge of the Sith, the last part of "Performance Issues" from The Avengers, and "Test Drive" from How to Train Your Dragon. One of those is coming up, actually.

Anyway, Mom had a hectic couple of weeks in regards to her medical checkups. Blood pressure slightly too high, visits to no less than six doctors, ultimately resulting in nothing being wrong and all she needs is a new blood pressure medication. She can't use her right hand for a week, so that's inconvenient, but at least she's cleared to go back to work.

And that's pretty much it. I'm bored. Back to writing. ...or slacking off. NO! Writing! Stop being lazy! never... Ugh.
I've been lazy, no doubt about that. I've been slowly but surely adding pieces to the chapters, bit by bit, but it's still incredibly slow.

Not helping matters are two guilty pleasures I've added to the list of distractions. Nothing big, really; just another game (if it counts as such) to dip into every now and then, and another story to check up on every few days to see if it updated (like a dozen before it). The first is I've been using that Kisekae virtual paper doll thing that's been popping up lately to work on finalizing some character designs. The second and more recent is I found the Infinite Loops fanfic series, and it was the My Little Pony loops that I discovered first; while I'm not a fan of the show, I was already reading one of the author's other fics, wondered what else he had, saw a premise that had promise, and so I gave it a looksie. Is it weird to like a fanfic but not the original work the fanfic is based on?

I guess I just like written stuff better. It stretches the imagination, it does; you can build how literally everything looks in your head--how it looks, how things sound, where everything is--and every reader gets a unique experience; heck, every time you read it gets you a unique experience. Then suddenly you get a picture of what they're supposed to look like, that doesn't look like what you pictured. You get a sound clip of what their voices are like, which doesn't match how you've heard them in your head for a while. Anyone else feel like that sometimes?

So, my 25th birthday's in five days, on the 6th. woohoo milestone yay... :shrug: Hopefully I'll get to see Age of Ultron and/or get the Red vs. Blue Blood Gulch Chronicles DVDs, so there's that.
  • Reading: Legend of Zelda: Time Loops
Nope. Pretty sure I'm not dead. Either I really am not dead, or the Zombie Apocalypse happened and I didn't notice.

At first it was just Writer's Block. :iconwritersblockplz: Then there was an incident in January that sorely upset me and sapped a lot of motivation. Add to it that most of the scenes I'm trying to write are Slice-of-Life--which are boring and thus not lending me any motivation to write them--an unhealthy dose of distractions, and the obligatory real-life interruptions, and we have a recipe for yet another months-long wait between chapters. I find this to be unacceptable but have been unable to muster up the motivation to do anything about it at any reasonable pace.

It's getting there. Just slowly. Every time I inch forwards, I'm an inch closer. But there's plenty of distance to cover.

I have been working on character designs. Some of the descriptions from the Q&A may be rendered incomplete. Not inaccurate; just missing a few details.

Alright, so. Recap. School year's almost over. My youngest brother is graduating fifth grade this week and tried out for percussion for middle school band. He also had four consecutive years of perfect attendance. Saturday was my middle brother's school's spring concert, which he took part in. His friend in Scouts just had his Eagle Scout award ceremony yesterday. General medical issues with my grandparents. The kitten from a year ago is a full-blown cat and likes to escape for hours on end, but he's so fluffy and he has an adorable purr... Still job-hunting. Finances. Rainstorms and flash flood warnings last week. My dislike of jeans resurfaced.

So, June. Hopefully June will be more productive than the last six months.

[Edit]: :iconfarnsworthplz: Good news, everyone! My brother made percussion! Woo!

If you recall some months back, I said my brother needed to learn piano to up his chances of playing drums? Well, I forgot that percussion also involves marimbas and xylophones, which have a piano layout. I should've known; I hauled those instruments around for the entire football season two years in a row. Where was your brain, past-me? Come on.
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Hi there. Not dead yet. Just been on a writing break for longer than you and I would've liked me to be. Would've liked to put something real up too, but nothing I have is finished. I know, I suck.

Since I don't have anything useful to post, I'm just gonna comment on the Nintendo Direct that came out earlier today.

MEWTWO STRIKES BACK! Mewtwo will be released on April 28, 2015. If you have a 3DS or a Wii U, it costs $3.99 to purchase, or $7.98 total. If you have a 3DS and a Wii U, it costs $4.99. A better deal, but you need both systems in the first place, so if you have one, don't lose a (couple) hundred or so bucks buying the other to get a three-dollar discount. You'd lose more than you save. Basic economics.

Also some new costumes for the Mii Fighters, including a Link costume, a MegaMan X costume, a Majora's Mask, and more.

LUCAS COMES OUT OF NOWHERE! By popular demand, Lucas from Mother 3 returns as a DLC character, available in June 2015.

Nintendo is also listening to popular demand by having a suggestion box for possible Smash characters, called the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Each ticket will be considered, even though I'm sure plenty of them will be thrown out because they're for Master Chief or Goku or someone else Nintendo doesn't own. I personally sent in one for Paper Mario...while riddling the suggestion box with paper-related puns. Check it out:
The Paper Mario series is one of those that I felt
needed more representation in Smash.
Don't just label Paper Mario as another carbon copy
of the genuine article; Paper Mario has a lot of note-
worthy skills to bring to the fold: he has a hammer,
ground pounds, and numerous partners in his
portfolio to shuffle around as needed, plenty to set
him up as a varied and unique addition to the roster.
Mario Kart 8's second DLC pack is coming out too. The one that features Animal Crossing characters and courses. There will also be more racing suits available with the next wave of amiibo. Lastly, they're adding in a new racing speed: 200cc, faster than anything Mario Kart has ever seen. This opens up so many more options to skip parts of the course, but also so many more opportunities to fall off, so you better know how to brake and drift fast. The DLC Pack 2 and 200cc Update will be available on April 23.

Splatoon will release on May 29th. Three Splatoon amiibo will be released at the same time: an orange Inkling girl, a blue Inkling boy, and a green Inkling squid; the boy and girl Inkling amiibo are sold individually while the squid Inkling one is only available in a bundle pack that contains the other two.

And for the rest...

amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits (spring release; free download): each individual amiibo unlocks a playable demo of an NES or SNES game.
Mario Maker: September release
Yoshi's Wolly World + Yarn Yoshi amiibo: Fall release

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is coming to eShop
Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains: 3DS release
-Attack on Titan Episodes 1 and 2: eShop release
Crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem
New Fire Emblem game
Codename S.T.E.A.M. tournament lasting until April 5th
N64 and DS games added to Virtual Console. 
Plus some other eShop games and stuff I don't find interesting.

That's about it. See ya.
...and yet I wonder what the point is when I have nothing to say.

Feelin' kinda bummed right now, though.

Current mood: Kinda Bummed
The thing about being a hobby writer, you have no obligation to write for people. Even if you post your stories online for others to see and get a small following, you still have no actual requirement to write stuff. It's not a job, you're not getting paid for it, you're not getting prizes or winning a contest or anything. It's just that: a hobby.

That said, knowing that you have people waiting for your next update, sometimes for months at a time, and only being able to give them the occasional reminder that you're not dead, seems like a pretty good motivator, if for no other reason than the guilt factor.

Since hobbies aren't required to be done all the time, this means you can put them aside and work on other things, and nothing important is missed.

(all of this translates to: I've been distracted and unmotivated)

My latest "other thing" is Pokemon-related. I've seen attempts online at organizing Pokemon into a phylogenic tree. You know, sorting them into the whole "Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species" type thing. All the ones I've seen (and can find again), impressive as they are, I've had some kind of nitpicky issue with them. So I figured, why not try it myself?

That's something you don't associate with Pokemon often: SCIENCE!

It's not finished yet, though, for a few reasons. One, I'm only part way through the Johto Pokemon. Two, I left out a few that I can't figure out how to place, and I'll have to get back to them. And three, this too is just a hobby, so I might take breaks from that and work on writing, or Minecraft, or whatever.

That's pretty much it. Just an update on why I've been lazy. Blugh.
So, we can expect hoverboards, self-drying jackets, and a dozen more Jaws movies this year, right?


Speaking of things in movies set in the future that'd be cool to see, I'd like to see cars with spherical tires like in I, Robot. I mentioned this to one of my friends and he said the main issue would be power. The spherical wheels could be run by electromagnets, sure, but powering those would probably eat into your mileage, and your wallet. It'd probably be a luxury car.

I can also imagine touch screens will be more commonplace in 30 years. Not just on iPads and phones and those credit card scanners at Wal-Mart; I mean like refrigerators and microwaves and maybe restaurant menus. That'd be cool.

Eh. Just musing about the future.

Happy New Year!
I just watched the series finale to The Legend of Korra.

It's been a rough few years since it began at the South Pole. First, a very cunning non-bender turned pretty much half the non-benders in the city to terrorism, uprising against oppression. When he fell and his organization scattered, a Water Tribe leader, allied with the spirit of chaos, tried to destroy Republic City, leaving it irrevocably changed. Then, new Airbenders appeared, and attempts to ally them were met with opposition by a ruthless queen and a team of dangerous anarchists. And in the three years that followed, a dictator rose to power, oppressing millions and nearly destroying everyone and everything in her quest for conquest.

Through it all, we find Korra, the new Avatar. Hotheaded and brash at first, struggling with both Airbending and her connection to past Avatars, living in a fortress her entire life. Arriving in Republic City, she found herself a fish out of water as the law of the land did not lend itself well to her upbringing and recklessness. Being the Avatar was everything to her, and she wasn't afraid of it.

Then everything changed when the Equalists attacked.

Faced with even the possibility of losing her Bending forever, Korra came to understand something she seldom knew in her life. Fear. The fear of the one thing she was the most proud of, the thing that made up much of her being, the thing that defined her, being taken away from her. She masked her fear with bravado, which led to recklessness, which led to that fear facing her head on. Amon had defeated her. But he let her keep her Bending, a reminder that he had won.

Turning her focus away from Amon, Korra found herself facing something else she had little to no experience in: Love. Her attraction to her teammate Mako and her close friendship with Bolin proved to be at odds with each other, driving the trio apart, even if only briefly.

Things went from bad to worse as her attempts to solve the Equalist problem was met with corrupt politicians. Ones that played exactly into Amon's hands, at that. Politics and law interfering too much, Korra confronted Tarrlok directly, only to find herself outmatched, unable to move a muscle to fight him. Though she did finally connect with her past Avatars, if only in a short memory, she still failed to stop everything.

A fact made worse when the Equalists attacked the city en masse, rounding up Benders to remove them of that status afterwards. And despite all her power, Korra simply cannot do so and is told to wait in hiding until the opportune moment.

Which is made even worse still when Amon finally succeeds in removing Korra's Bending. She unlocks her Airbending and stops Amon, exposing Amon's own hypocricy in the process, but the loss is painful to her. With only Airbending, Korra feels that she can no longer be the Avatar.
"When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."
Korra meets her predecessor for the first time, who gives her the greatest hope she could ever have: He restores her Bending and unlocks her full potential.

Six months later, however, Korra is still the same brash and hotheaded Avatar as before.

Only this time, she is faced with bigger problems. Conflict between her father Tonraq and her uncle Unalaq, leaders of the Southern and Northern Water Tribes respectively, leads to her siding with Unalaq as her spiritual teacher. But this proves to be a bad thing as Unalaq attempts to reunite the two Water Tribes by force. If Korra helps her home, the Southern Tribe, she is not being an unbiased and equal Avatar. If Korra stays unbiased and equal, she is betraying her home. She can't win.

Things are made worse when she learns Unalaq only wanted Korra so that she could open the portals between the mortal world and the spirit world. It becomes easier to choose sides at this point, but circumstances force her to leave, letting the situation only get worse. Attempting to rally help is met with more politics getting in her way, and proves to drive the final wedge that ends her relationship with Mako.

When she is attacked by Spirits, she loses her memory and is shown a vision of how the Avatar Cycle began. This proves to be the start of a change, as the lingering memory loss helps her mellow out, opening her to start with a more indirect approach for once.

But when it comes to blows during Harmonic Convergence, she hits an even lower point than after Amon, with the bulk of her spiritual power torn from her and destroyed, shattering her connection to all past Avatars in one fell swoop.

All isn't lost yet, though. With some advise and guiding, Korra draws on the power of her own spiritual energy rather than that of the Avatar Spirit, Raava, and manages to defeat Unalaq and regain Raava in the process. But her connection to Aang and the other Avatars is gone for good. She reconciles with Mako, but they both know that love will never work.

The events around Korra's battle with Unalaq caused an invasion of Spirit Vines in Republic City, uprooting several homes and businesses and forcing many to relocate. This time it is politics that wants something of Korra that Korra cannot solve and eventually refuses to give.

Harmonic Convergence also caused new Airbenders throughout the world. Korra proves that she has matured when one of these new Airbenders puts himself in danger by accident. Before, Korra would likely have simply grabbed him and brought him down to Earth as literally as possible. Instead, Korra simply talks to him, convincing him to calm down and offering a source of help.

Korra's refusal to remove the Spirit Vines gets her banished from Republic City, so she commits to embarking on a world-travelling journey to find the other Airbenders around the globe. Her largest success puts her at odds with the Earth Queen, who wanted the Airbenders to form an army allied with her, but she managed to escape it unscathed.

Her journey brought her to Zaofu, but it was not a peaceful stop. Though she learned Metalbending, she also encountered for the first time the reason she lived her formative years in a fortress: The Red Lotus. Zaheer, a former non-Bender deserving his own isolated cell, who gained Airbending during Harmonic Convergence. A long-time student of Air Nomad culture, Zaheer believed in true freedom and opposed government, or even any authority, including the Avatar. The rest of the Red Lotus, powerful Benders in their own right, agreed.

Tracking them down led to Korra being captured by the Earth Queen's forces, but while en route to the Queen, she escapes and prevents her arrival. The Red Lotus, who arrived first and were planning on waiting for Korra, took the chance to advance their plan and assassinated the Earth Queen, leading to complete chaos in the Earth Kingdom within hours, or even minutes.

The Red Lotus then took the Airbenders new and old hostage, and after thought, Korra offered to sacrifice herself to the Red Lotus in exchange for their release. The Red Lotus did not uphold their end of the bargain, but ended up apprehending Korra anyway. Their plan was to cripple her using mercury to poison her, forcing her into the self-defense version of the Avatar State, and then kill her in said state, ending the cycle permanently.

They failed in that Korra lived they were defeated, but the poison took its toll.

It took two years for Korra to be well enough to walk again. And even then, the memory of the poison and Zaheer's attack haunted her for that time and beyond. She left to travel back to Republic City, but in her weakened, out of practice, and post-traumatic stressed state, she chose not to arrive there, instead wandering the world seeking some way to get back to fighting shape and to reconnect with Raava.

Her journey led her to the Swamp, where she met someone who helped her remove her physical block and the mental block keeping it there. But the mental block was not completely gone yet.

With the Earth Queen dead, the Earth Kingdom in chaos, and the Avatar out of commission, someone had to rise up and restore order. This was Kuvira, a woman raised in Zaofu who aided Korra against the Red Lotus. Kuvira slowly united the Earth Kingdom, but her methods grew ruthless and uncompromising. The Earth Kingdom became the Earth Empire, with her leading its rule instead of the rightful heir. Zaofu as the last Earth Empire territory she had not yet forced into her loyalty, she attempted to press a surrender with her army to enforce it.

Korra arrived before the battle began, but hasty decisions from Zaofu's leader led to Korra having to make a more direct approach. Trial by champion, with the winner between Korra and Kuvira deciding Zaofu's fate. Korra was at Kuvira's mercy the entire fight until she entered the Avatar State. But said mental block, the haunting memory of the battle with Zaheer, held her back at the worst moment, costing her the fight and Zaofu its freedom.

Needing to overcome this once and for all, Korra sought out the imprisoned Zaheer. For all his talk of anarchy, Zaheer had inadvertently allowed the Earth Kingdom to come under an even greater oppressive rule. Upset at this, Zaheer offered to aid Korra in reconnecting with Raava. She had to suffer one of her memory attacks, and let it play out. It succeeded.

The coming battle between the Earth Empire and the United Republic was met with bad news after bad news. Kuvira had a powerful weapon developed: a laser that harnessed the power of spirit energy, capable of punching holes through mountains like it was nothing. Kuvira advanced her army a week ahead of schedule. And she mounted the laser on a nigh-indestructible vehicle. The ensuing battle was costly and lengthy, eventually boiling down to Korra and Kuvira facing off one last time, with Kuvira firing one final shot from her weapon that nearly destroyed Republic City in the process.

Korra stopped it, and in turn, it opened a new portal to the Spirit World. The setting of the final showdown. Yet it was not blows that were traded.

In the three years since Korra had fought Zaheer, she had been weak, unable to be the Avatar, unable to do many things in fact. She was forced to accept help, forced to take the slow path. And in her suffering, she learned compassion. Humility. And it gave her the peace of mind to settle the conflict with Kuvira with a few choice words, with understanding. And with that, Kuvira accepted that she had lost.

The world would need time to repair yet again. But this time, it had something on its side. An Avatar, one who knew fear and frustration, one who knew pain and suffering, one who knew reason and understanding. A worthy Avatar. One to follow to the bitter end.

Thank you, Korra, for leading us through the world of Avatar once more. From the promising hopes when you were announced in 2010 to your powerful entrance in 2012 to the sad smile you left on our faces in 2014. It's been quite a journey, and it's sad to see it end, but it was worth it every step of the way.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra
July 22, 2010 - December 19, 2014
The greatest show in history
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My Internet is. Sometimes I can get to a page just fine, others I can't do diddly-squat for three hours because it takes too long to load any webpage at all. I've been watching a single episode of Korra for two and a half hours and I just now got to the two-thirds mark. Sometimes I try to post a comment on dA or a post on a forum, and the Internet connection chooses that moment and the next five minutes after to not work properly, so the post doesn't go through. It's so inconsistent, too.

I wanted to get Olivia and Kate, Chapter 3 and the MegaMaze v2 out by Christmas and New Years, respectively, but if the Internet isn't gonna cooperate, it's not looking promising.

Sorry guys. :(

A new laptop is on the top of my wishlist, by the way. ...right under a Wii U and Smash Bros. ^^;
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I want to finish Olivia and Kate, Chapter 3. But the rhythm's gone! I keep getting called away. Then I get distracted. Then something else happens, or I have to make dinner, or blah bla blah bla blah bla blah. And when all's said and done, I can't write good.


Stupid Writer's Block.

That's pretty much it. No news. Blurgh.
...was relatively uneventful.

Anyway, I went back into two Powers TG chapters and made a couple of important edits.

In Chapter 7, "Rumors", the final two lines have Derek waking up in a transformed state, saying he transformed in his sleep. Yet in Chapter 10 and the Q&A, it's established that Derek can't actively use any powers while asleep. So I went back to Chapter 7 to correct the issue.

In Chapter 13, "Drive In, Clock In, Break In", I made some slight tweaks to Derek's father's dialogue at the end of the chapter. Slight, yet still widely important. The new line is much closer to Derek's father's character. And the line didn't even change all that much; I just added some hesitation and took out an "and", and it fits way better.

In other news, I've had this music stuck in my head all day. I don't consider this a bad thing.
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I'm not sure if I mentioned this here, but a long time ago, thanks to a rainstorm and a dented car door, the back seat of our family van molded to the point of unuseability thanks to rain leaking in, pooling in the well the seat folds into, and being unnoticed for a while.

We were reminded of that today while my grandmother tried to clean the carpet in a corner of a room. This particular corner is a spot where our cats sometimes sneak over to pee there. However, it's also underneath a leaky spot of the roof. We didn't think it ever got bad until my grandmother realized the carpet was considerably damp, pulled it back, and saw black-colored mold. No idea if it was Black Mold, but it was mold, which is bad, so we cut that part away and tossed it. We're going to have words with the landlord.

On an unrelated note, I'm compiling a list of ways to die in Minecraft. Just because. So far I have 39 ways to die by falling alone (most of that is different ways to end up falling, such as five different things pushing you off a cliff and three to four ways involving teleporting).

And I've lost that writing rhythm. I just can't get the words down right. It's in my head right there, but I just can't bear when it won't match what I write. I've got places I want them to go to. Gotta get them from A to B. But when I lack motivation and want for inspiration, my writing goes up a tree. Sometimes I get sidetracked in Minecraft, or maybe called away for chores. But whatever the reason, writing's not in season. I just wish that I could do more... But I ain't got rhythm. No, I ain't got rhythm. Said, I ain't got rhythm. I ain't got rhythm!
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Sorry I've been lax on the journal entries lately. I've been preoccupied (and lazy) and there hasn't been much worth reporting.

...well, except maybe yesterday. I went with my youngest brother Alex (and Mom who drove) to help clean up a camping park slash hiking trail area somewhere with the Boy Scouts. What we did was moved sticks and logs to clean up some areas for tree-planting and general aesthetics.

One log I moved, it was a fallen tree, 'bout a foot around at thickest, that hadn't completely separated from the stump yet. I took a little hand saw and cut it so it was fully disconnected, then pushed it away. And I saw a snake! A little baby snake, about as big around as my finger. Now, keep in mind, this is Texas, a state where all four of America's venomous breeds of snakes can be found, and there was a sign in the park that warned us that at least three of them had been found lived in the campgrounds. Someone who was nearby (one of the Cub Scouts, so a grade-schooler) identified it as one of those snakes the sign warned us about.

And what does everyone else do upon hearing this? Come closer to look, of course! "Hey, there's an animal, possibly a very dangerous one that we don't want to bother because it might hurt us. Let's all go huddle around it!" :roll:

I very pointedly made sure to use a stick or something to roll over each log afterwards, no matter how small it was, before picking it up. The cub scouts apparently found another one somewhere else, too.

Later I found two sticks and was using the slightly smaller one as a drum stick with the other as the drum. I think if I had gotten into band in middle/high school, I would've been on drums. I play piano, but I never had any formal lessons except for literally one semester of college, and that was more about music notation, which doesn't help me much since I usually play by ear. Alex showed interest in playing drums in high school, but Chris's band director says that to play drums, he should have piano lessons. And I can see why; I'm not a drummer but I'm good with rhythm and beats and stuff.

Anyways. That night, my buddy Jakob came over to visit. We didn't do much; just talked about his trollishly broken Smite play styles, played some Smite, set it up so my brother Chris can use all of Jakob's Steam games, talked about other stuff. It wasn't that eventful, really, but the plus side is I can play Kerbal Space Program now.

I think I'm gonna go recreate Sputnik and get it into orbit (I wonder how many tries it'll take). Followed by recreating some other famous rockets like the Up-Goer Five and stuff.