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Rain Female Cast Schoolgirl Maker by Zorua076 Rain Female Cast Schoolgirl Maker :iconzorua076:Zorua076 9 3
Powers TG: Ep 13: Drive In, Clock In, Break In
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Derek glanced up as the door opened. Behind it was his father holding his cellphone. "Derek?" he said.
"Hey Dad. What's up?"
"Phone for you. It's Starbucks."
"Really?" Derek set his book down and stood to take the offered phone. "Hello?" he said.
["Hello. This is Kyle Ross. I manage the Starbucks over at Willowbrook Mall. I'm calling about the application you submitted."]
"Oh! Hello. Yes, I filed online."
["Yes you did. Now, in response to that, I'd like to schedule an interview with you. Say, this Saturday at around ten A.M.?"]
Derek's spirits lifted at the prospect of an interview, but hearing the offered time made him hesitate. "Er, I actually have...sports practice at that time. Fitness training." It was actually government-recommended superpower testing. Close enough.
["Ah. I'm sorry about that. Let's see... How about Monday after school?"]
"Monday I have a driving test." He didn't have to lie for that one.
["Oh. I suppose you can't reschedule tha
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 30 44
MegaMaze Preview 5 by Zorua076 MegaMaze Preview 5 :iconzorua076:Zorua076 0 3 MegaMaze Preview 4 by Zorua076 MegaMaze Preview 4 :iconzorua076:Zorua076 1 8
Powers TG, Episode 12: Civilian Interlude
Monday, October 24, 2011
Derek (Amelia) sighed. "So that's it, then. I'm going as an X-Man, only a girl."
"Yeah. We just need to get some things."
"Wait a minute. I'm not going out there to get fitted for girl clothes!"
"I didn't say you had to. I'll just pick up a yellow-and-black T-shirt or something that looks like an X-Men uniform. Here, I said you could pick my costume, so if you don't like it, you'll have plenty of chances for revenge."
Derek knew the agreement, but he still didn't like it. But there was something else on his mind. He kept it to himself for now, though.
"So, while we're at it," asked Lauren, "you find anything else out about your powers?"
"Not much," said Derek. "It's like I've figured out all the obvious ones, so whatever's left is a complete mystery. Wind powers, super speed, maybe Earth powers... I'll see if that redheaded one with the green dress has plant powers like you think, but other than those, I got nothing."
"Hmm... Maybe we're going about this
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 23 14
Facets of New York
Janice Ganey. A respectable woman. Polite. Serious. Focused. Organized. Attractive in a businessy kind of way, whatever that meant. Not very ambitious when it comes to rising up the corporate ladder, but she always knew exactly when everything was happening in her company. Every business deal, every board meeting, every phone call, every form, every bill, everything. Many would argue that she was the backbone of the entire company. The perfect secretary.
The first thing she did when she got home was strip to her skivvies and slump on the couch like a drunk.
"God, how did I get this job?" she asked nobody (well, depending on whether or not her cat counted as somebody). She rubbed her temples, trying to get the stress out of her head. It didn't help. Between her bosses and coworkers thinking she was on top of everything, having to deal with six angry customers over the phone over the span of one hour, and almost having to file a sexual harassment complaint against Tony (again), she was s
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 8 3
Hero (or...not) Profile: Warp
Current to Episode 8 (latest appearance)
Name: Warp
Secret Identity: unknown
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Abilities: Teleportation; reorientation between teleports
Weaknesses: Momentum (a function of mass and velocity) is conserved between teleportations, as is direction; falling head first and then teleporting to be oriented feet first results in falling feet first, rather than moving upwards.
Birthplace: Dallas, TX, USA
Power Origin: Gift from Outside Source (The Entity)
Power Type: Physical
Likes: Showing off, being hammy, money, things going his way
Dislikes: Bills, politics, hiding, people that piss him off, his older brother
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Drink: Miller Light
Favorite Color: Blue
Other Notes: Warp's moniker is the same as that of a Teen Titan's villain. Warp doesn't really care.
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 3 0
Powers TG: Episode 11: Practice Cubed
Derek awoke to music in an unfamiliar room, and with a soreness on his back. "What happened?" he said groggily.
Of course, hearing his voice was a girl's voice was enough to clue him in on a few things.
Well, no point in complaining, he thought to himself, sitting up. He looked over at Lauren's alarm clock, which he realized wasn't what was making noise. There was her cellphone playing some orchestrated music he didn't recognize. It was black, but then most cellphones he'd seen were either that or pink, so it wasn't a big deal.
For a moment, he wondered about getting his own cellphone. Mr. Swanson had been surprised Derek didn't have one, and Derek supposed it would be useful. Still, his father had a notion about earning things through your own hard work. His mother was more lenient, but things were budgeted, and so Derek didn't have much in the way of expensive belongings. But at least a cheap ten-dollar phone?
"Nnn," groaned Lauren, pushing part of the sleeping bag away
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 35 10
"Take care of Tropius for me, will ya?" said Sean. It was a speech he'd said dozens of times in the last couple of days, but he felt like repeating it.
"Sure," said Jeff, taking the PokéBall from the machine and fastening it on his belt. He approached the door, then stopped and looked back. Sean was lingering behind, looking solemn at the PokéBall he'd gotten in exchange.
"Do you think they mind?" the Hoenn boy said to Jeff solemnly. "I...never really thought about it, but you know what's going to happen to them, right?"
Jeff nodded.
"And... Do they know what's going to happen to them?"
Jeff shook his head this time.
Sean started to shake. "Sh- Should I tell them?"
Jeff shook his head again. "It's better if they don't know."
"Yeah." Sean looked down at the ball, then put it away. "Hey, can I get back to you on Blaziken? I want..." He sighed. "I want one last day to say goodbye."
"Sure," said Jeff, turning to the door. He opened it, going to a Pokémon Center
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 1 3
Olivia and Kate Ch 2
Shocked into the waking world by the alarm, Kate clamped her ears shut with her hands until the choir stopped. Once the low strings began, she opened her eyes and saw her oversized surroundings. Her feelings of fear and trepidation matched the music for a bit, even as yesterday's events came back to her, until she remembered when Olivia stepped in.
The music started to get louder as Kate yawned and stretched, then crawled out of the mitten that she'd briefly assumed was a fluffy sleeping bag. She stood up, marveling for a bit that she was small enough to fit in a glove.
First thing's first, though. That music may not have been painfully loud, but it was still loud. She didn't have to look too far to find its source; just a Smartphone on the desk. Pressing the "dismiss" button on the touchscreen let the music give way to silence.
Yesterday, she'd been either trapped, sick, or otherwise too busy to really notice how big everythi
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 5 2
Sister, Day 2
{Well it's about time.}
[Sorry for the delay. You know how it is.]
{} I awoke to familiarity. The same old bedroom and bed and nightstand and chair and I'm still a girl, aren't I? Yep. Dang.
The feeling of breasts was still strange to me. It was equally strange for my hair to be that long. And, well... Everything was different. Not just the obvious; it was subtle in some places... I don't know.
What was certain was that I wasn't too fond of the new weight tugging on my chest. They weren't that big, I think, but I still wasn't used to them.
Nor was I used to the lack of feeling of things between my legs. Not that I paid attention to that much before, but you never know what you have until it's gone, right? Heh... yeah...
It's...everything felt the same, mostly...but at the same time, it all felt so...different. It's hard to explain, but it all
I didn't really want to get up at the time, though. Largely because I was still tired. I wasn't much of a
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 11 17
Powers TG: Questions and Answers
Derek: "So are you sure we're ready for this?"
Lauren: "No. Jeff said he was tired of procrastinating, so now we're out here with a pile of flash cards we just got ten minutes ago and no script."
Derek: "Great. So how do we- Uh... Camera's rolling."
Lauren: "Oh. Right. Ahem. Hi there. I'm Lauren Carter from Powers TG, and that's Derek Parker from the same. And...this is the Q&A that Zorua's been planning for the last four chapters."
Lauren: *whispered* "Derek, say something."
Derek: "R-right. So, uh, we're gonna answer some questions that you guys asked before."
*enter Olivia, carrying Kate*
Olivia: "I got one. How come we're doing this in script format and not prose? Oh, and thanks for the intro, by the way." *takes a seat*
Lauren: "Oh, uh, that's Olivia and Kate from, well, Olivia and Kate. Um, to answer your question, it's because it's easier for this format."
Kate: "...and that makes
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 7 28
Powers TG: Episode 10: Details and Drama
"Amelia Powers. On record as the world's first superpowered being. Or, should be more apt, the first known superpowered being. Possesses the powers of flight, walking through walls, controlling water, and, supposedly, shapeshifting. With enough eye witnesses from the museum, the water rescue in Galveston, and from the news studio, we can confirm that she and her powers are definitely real.
"What we don't know is her intent. She saves a man from drowning in her first appearance, but ultimately does not perform the CPR needed to actually save him. In her second appearance, she confronts a thief and fails to stop him. Granted, this thief is the world's second known superpowered being, having teleportation powers, but still her first time confronting a criminal has her failing to apprehend him. Lastly, she has publicly admitted to not wanting to do active hero work, meaning she isn't patrolling the streets to stop criminals.
"And adding to t
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 31 15
He awoke to the chirping of birds as usual. Put on his shirt and pants, ate breakfast, grabbed his stuff, and headed outside. The mailbox was full, but that wasn't really surprising. He opened it.
Just a single letter. The stamp was only vaguely familiar. He opened the letter and read it.
The next thing he knew, he was running down the street, overjoyed at the news. The actual letter was forgotten, tossed in the wind.
"Take care of yourself," said the princess.
"I-a will, Princess," was the response. He approached the orange star floating near the courtyard. They had it installed ever since those two space adventures.
"I'll miss you, bro."
"Don't you-a worry, bro. I'll-a be back in a few days with-a news. It's-a just a formality, not-a forever."
And so the mustachioed man stepped to the star. It glowed as he neared it.
"Wait!" The princess stepped up to him. He turned to look up at her, and they held their gaze for a second. Without so much as a word, she bent down and gave hi
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 15 8
Olivia and Kate: Ch 1, part 2
She wasn't unconscious; just exhausted from her earlier struggles, her severe lack of energy from starvation, and her ever-present hunger and thirst. She wanted to move, but her body wanted to rest.
"Are you okay?" said the girl, who was still leaning next to the desk.
"N- No," said Kate.
"What's wrong?"
"Hungry... Thirsty... Throat hurts... Gotta pee..."
The girl's eyes widened. "I'll see what I can get you," she said.
She left the room, again leaving Kate alone. If the purse's owner, presumably the girl's mother unless there was some other resident, entered the room and saw a tiny girl in only a hand cloth nearly dead on the desk, there'd be no end to it. How could someone explain something like that?
In just a little while, though, the girl returned with a few things. Two bottles of water, a medicine dropper, a biscuit, a roll of toilet paper, and a bottle of liquid medicine. She set the things down and locked the door again, then unscrewed a water bottle and set the cap down. "Here
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 4 10
Olivia and Kate: Ch 1, part 1
Kate was beaming as she pulled up to the restaurant. She would've walked, but she was dressed fancy today; nothing but a red mini-dress that accented her cleavage just right, with a black belt around her waist, and matching two-inch heels. Her nails, lips, and cheeks were likewise painted red, and her wavy brown hair was kept back with a red headband. As she got out, she grabbed her small red purse and looped it over her arm.
She did a double-take and saw that she'd parked right next to her boyfriend's car. She had so wanted one of them to pick the other one up, but they lived on opposite sides of the restaurant and they had to conserve money for gasoline. Damn economy. It was only by some miracle and a lot of pennypinching that she was able to afford tonight.
Ah well. I
:iconzorua076:Zorua076 4 0


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Drip drip drop, little april showers...

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...seriously, stop. no, don't go under the door! You can't- Ah jeez. Not the shop. Well, so much for the plywood and stuff.

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No, stop.

Get back!



...phew. That was close.


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