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It had to be done at some point...


As always: Full Rez for my Patrons: :D
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Oh, that's just adorable!

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Aaaw,that's hot an cute the same way lol great job me likey!😍👌😁😎😜

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Eh-how it looks real wtf ahhh so cute

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That is so adorable.

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Oh em gee this is adorable!Sylveon Attract Plz

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yeah Beautiful!

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I don't say that this picture is bad, in fact, it's really good! But people, stop making animals sexy!

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Hey quite criticizing artists art, its a furry not a "sexy animal" and even if it is sexy people can be draw whatever they want don't go around screeching in comment sections

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Still, it's making many people uncomfortable looking at such things. Also crititcizing art is important too the artists themselves, then they know what people like and dislike and how the could improve their drawings.


(sorry for the long comment but,)Ok, so here's the deal, fam. Yeah critique is good for improving art, but you're just saying what subject people should/shouldn't make art about, which is not really the same. I also saw you reacting to other commenters here in their replies in general disgust. If you are either not a furry, or not the kind of furry who experiences sexual attraction to the "anthros"(like the cheetah here), that is perfectly fine/valid.

What you're getting wrong here is that a lot/most of these artworks are not just "making animals sexy" but creating characters - people like characters - that share some aspects with animals, because it looks neat. Even then, if you're not attracted to them, that's perfectly fine, I'm not gonna tell you you're judgmental just for that. It's mostly just because you're trying to cause a disturbance.

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I understood your point, but I just don't like the way that this character is designed. Let's just close that argument here.

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Lmao. Evolution at its finest. Great work on this

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I hope she wears underwear

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Wait, do you mean that because you don't want to see her private parts? then it's ok

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Why the... I just... no comment.

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You have a pet cheetah? :meow:

Nice tits 🙂

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Superbly well done.

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Blue ears?

Great Work!

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