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Quick question for my girl watchers (I already know that I have a few that are actual girls, and I know who you are) : Which male character would you like to see hypnotized?
I'm not taking requests, I'm genuinely curious... Dudes can answer as well, but I'm interested to know who the chicks would choose...
Happy Uberbday 2019!
Seriously, I don't know how you guys do it, being unable to modify at will the memories and feelings of your bae whenever you forget important dates or when she catches you getting laid with her sister and her mum. You guys are the real heroes of this movie, I salute you all!

Speaking of, and without any relation to this, happy (very late) b-day :iconthestonemiester1: !
Brooke Trophy Wife
Brooke has finally become the object of desire that she wanted to be so badly, by getting engaged and married to one of those nerdy Silicon Valley billionaires. Having her financial safety guaranteed and the rest of her life solved already, the newly trophy wife little suspected that her husband had in mind very different plans for her. Now, displayed as an actual trophy she remains there standing very still, unable to move of think ny herself anymore. The tube preserves her body functions and the hypnotic light above her puts her in a very deep reprogramming trance. She's just now one of many, labeled as Monday, as the day she's allowed to come out of the tube to serve her purpose as Monday's designated trophy wife.

Featuring: :iconfindingmywayforever:
Juu must obey
If you want to learn how to draw, then you must draw, whenever you can, for as long as you can. So here it is, yet another practice with the new sorftware and tools, still trying to take as less time as I could. Someday I'll be there, I like to think. In the meantime, I think I might be developing another fetish for yoga pants and sports bra, who'd tell? xP

Juu belongs to :iconjuu-zou:, thanks for lending her to me, buddy! ;)
La Flaca is so pissed at u!
Not only have you spent entire months without doing her (heh ¬u¬) but when you finally do her again you do it in a very sketchy, sucky way. Besides, she just did read all the messages you have been exchanging with your little "internet buddy girls", that's not any good! And worst of all, you just did go to her favorite stand of tacos and didn't bring her any. Quick, you fool!! Came up with the better excuse you can find and beg, beg on your knees for your life!! ><

...oh well, in the meantime, I'm still trying to figure out how to keep this hobby without it being so time consuming. This is the first try, taking back the practice with the pen tablet. Not gonna lie to you, it didn't went as I was expecting. This should have got me half the time it took me to complete at the end. And in terms of quality and expertise, this also means a setback for years for me. But yet still, it's the best chance I have for now to keep having fun with this kind of stuff without having to sacrifice my valued sleep hours or the few little free time I still have with me. 

So, even if things do start to get sketchy around here (not like my previous stuff were that good, anyway) I really hope you guys can stick around. I'm really grateful to you all for the support you keep giving me, even if I didn't do a s**t all this time. I promise to keep doing my best and keep practicing with my new tools until I can meet up with your needs for lewd and other stuff... Thanks again for being so awesome, everybody!
We have some work to do now :music:

Welp, some while ago I just received that memo telling me about the date I must return to my post at the field, back into the streets, remember I told you about something like that? I'm not gonna say when it's that bound to happen since I don't want to turn this into some kind of countdown, but just to tell you guys in advance that my presence here will be becoming more and more scarce. I'm not saying that I'm going to take a permanent leave, but I'm definitely won't be here as much as I used to. Besides, I'm going to do my best to keep in touch with all the amazing buddies I've made here along the way, since this is the only place I can reach most of them anyway! ^.^

I've decided to keep this job at least until the end of the year, since a lot of bonuses and other stuff is coming their way, and will use that time gap to explore further what other choices I may have, since some of them have been pointed out to me the past few days. Still there's lot of thinking I need to do before deciding something else, but whatever comes up I'll be sure to keep you uptaded in that regard, thanks a lot for the constant support I keep getting despite anything! :glomp:

Now some quick announcements:

It's that time of the year again, and Superheroines Appreciation Day is coming on November 18th!! Let's show all our beloved superheroines how much do we care about them all! Be sure to drop by at :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine:'s journal for further reference, but the idea is pretty simple: do something to show your favorite superheroine, real or not, how much do you appreciate her! and be sure to tag the thing so Owlie can include it with the others ^^ (be sure to drop by or else I'll end sleeping at the couch tonight!!) 

Free Cake, Not a Trick!Just a quick reminder that Heroine Appreciation Day is just around the corner.
Mark you calendars (Yes, :iconDimples-Bratt: you can use Green Crayon) for Sunday November 18th for a FULL Day of Heroine Appreciation art.
What IS Heroine Appreciation Day?
Mostly, its a day to celebrate the heroines in the world--Super, non-Super, masked and unmasked.  Doctors (:iconcracoviia: I'm looking at Guardian) Teachers :IconCuria-DD: I'm Looking at you) Mothers ( :iconDoctor-Awkward: I'm looking at Lodestone and Magnette)  well you get the idea.
This is a day to celebrate heroines as the mainstream, non-criminal, non-fetishy world sees them--Heroic,daring, triumphant.
I hear you asking, "Athena, how can I get involved?"
Write a story, do art, :iconLordLard: did a remarkable puzzle the last two years.  Celebrate the heroines in your world.  Post it on DA on November 18th with a Hashtag (or daTag) #HeroineAppreciationDay2018 (don't forget the year--it helps separate it from previo

Halloween's also around the corner and I just won a raffle my friend :iconcityhunter77: did to give a halloween related pic. It was made by the awesomely talented :icongreat-dude: and you can already see the outcome here!

Reina Misterio vs Conde Zorro By GREAT-DUDE by Cityhunter77

That was all for now, you all take care and will see you later! =D


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