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I've been on deviant-art for 9 years.
I wouldn't say I will be still active. I remeber few years ago I was pretty passive for a while.

Now when I saw the statistics, it seems  pretty awesome to me. I reached 40k pageviews when I uploaded my 600th deviation. :happybounce: 
Nice rounded numbers!

Have a nice day!
  • Eating: my duties
I would like to travel somewhere Nuu 
  • Listening to: white noise
  • Reading: scripts
  • Eating: Baseball!
  • Drinking: tea
No new photos :( 
  • Listening to: c++/html code
  • Reading: manuals to javascript
  • Watching: talking dead
  • Playing: nathin
  • Eating: Baseball!
  • Drinking: tea
Finally the college is over. Until September. I haven't got much time last month to take some photos because of exams. Now I have some photo ideas in my head and (if I didn't forget them) it's time to make them real. =D And let's summer. Let's travel, relax, go to concert, eat some banana etc..
  • Listening to: guitar n drums
  • Watching: game of throne, talking dead
  • Playing: Cs xD
  • Eating: Baseball!
  • Drinking: milk
It's here! Let's go together on walk to nature with cameras :)
  • Listening to: sigur, metallica, megadeth
  • Watching: Skins
  • Playing: nhl
  • Eating: Baseball!
  • Drinking: milk
5 years on deviantart. Happy birthday :party:
  • Watching: Skins
  • Playing: guitar hero
  • Eating: camera
  • Drinking: baseball!! and milk
I want to have 15 000 pageviews till December 31st. =D Let's do it.
  • Listening to: camera
  • Reading: camera
  • Watching: camera
  • Playing: camera
  • Eating: camera
  • Drinking: baseball!!
Hurray! I have new Nikon camera. I'm so happy now. I wanted this for a long time. Now I can do a moar awesome photographies and move forward to a higher level =D
  • Listening to: mostly trash metal
  • Reading: need new book to read
  • Watching: game of thrones
  • Eating: everything
  • Drinking: milk
Nice number. Big one.
  • Listening to: mix of everytingA
  • Reading: need new book to read
  • Watching: game of thrones
  • Eating: everything
  • Drinking: milk
You will learn
what I say,
when I say
back to the school!

You will rest
when I say,
you must pass
back to the school!

You will learn
you're freshman
no free time.

Your dear school
  • Listening to: trash metal
  • Reading: need new book to read
  • Drinking: milk
At last! Christmas. I can do something else than things to school. For example, submit some deviations?

  • Listening to: Some rock
  • Reading: I just bought the Hobbit
  • Watching: that 70's show
  • Drinking: milk
And I have soo little time for Deviantart and general. Stay tuned - one day I'll be back
  • Listening to: the professors and wondering wtf they r saying
  • Watching: new girl 2!
  • Drinking: milk
It looks like I have no inspiration. At the moment.

  • Listening to: m'tallica, hans zimmer
  • Drinking: milk ofc
let's celebrate.
Now everything is okay, at last. ^^
  • Listening to: Kalkbrenner, Sigurros
  • Playing: Crash bandicoot :D
  • Drinking: Milk
21 days and I will be okay.
  • Drinking: Milk
I forgot to say I have new camera. But only slide compact Olympus. Well, still better than nothing :)
You know what it mean? I can take and upload some actual photos at least! I'm not bounded to my photos from the past.
Cool enough to me.
Next thing is, I MUST finish my terrible high school this year. I have to study now.

Tak poďme.
  • Listening to: Sigur Rós
  • Reading: everytime everywhere
  • Watching: Frasier yeah
  • Drinking: Milk alot
I'm looking forward to winter... let it snow!
I prepare some new pictures to upload here. it will be pretty big update I think (20 pic and moar). They will be see-able this month, I hope.
Also Im looking forward for 7/11/11. Sigur Ros will release new music DVD :)
  • Listening to: Sigur Rós
  • Reading: Head XXII
  • Watching: HP
  • Playing: Mafia 2
  • Eating: Images
I'm sorry I'm doing nothing these days at dA. School is my "the best" friend now (ha-ha).
Stay tuned.
  • Listening to: Sigur Rós
  • Reading: Diary
  • Watching: Want to see Termiantor 5
  • Playing: FIFA :D