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    Chapter three

    They arrived at Mamba and Damian’s house. They walked into the house to come face to face with a tiny puppy wagging its tail.

    “PAPA!!!” Damian knelt down and the puppy grabbed his nose, “You came ba-” He noticed the two other creatures, “W-who are th-they?” He ran and hid behind a recliner.

Mamba walked over to him slowly, “Oli it's okay, that's Star,” She pointed to Star, “and that's Moonlight,” she pointed to Moonlight. “It's okay Oliver, they won’t hurt you.”

    Star happily nodded with Moonlight.

    Oliver stared, “T-that one is tall, and that one is short, WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!”

    Moonlight and Star chuckled “Well I mean we are different species.”

    Oliver looked Star in the eye, “Yes I undewstwand, He is Wewewolf, and u is Wolf. You is vewy pwetty giwl…”

    Star stuttered, “T-Thank you…”

    Mamba looked at Oliver, “No silly puppy,” Her tone changed to serious, “He's a boy…”

    Oliver glanced at Star, then at Moonlight, “WOAH! Wait a minute, but… THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!”

    Moonlights fur bristled slightly, “It very much is, and I love my Stary.”

    Oliver gasped, “Wait a minute… You awe boy, and you is boy, SOOOO… You is gay?”

    Star quickly changed the subject “So Umm who watched you, little guy, you seem to be all by yourself?”

    Oliver’s eyes widened, “SHHHHH…”

    Star whispered in Oliver’s ear “This is a secret between us now right?”

    Oliver nodded, “SUWE THING… Staw?” Oliver stood up triumphantly, “I WILL WULE DIS WOWLD!” He tackled Star, but was too weak to knock him over, “DOWN FOWL BEAST!”

    Moonlight Burst into laughter “Well seems like someone found a friend”

    Star growled under his breath “Sure Moonlight…”

    Oliver stopped, “W-what? I'm not youw fwiend…” His eyes started to tear up.

    Star quickly replied, “NO-NO-NO I’m one hundred percent your friend I promise, I’m just not used to small children…”

    Oliver hugged Stars leg, “It's okay mistew Star,” He took Star to a small table and sat him down, “Want some apple juice?” His tail wagged slightly.

    Damian sighed, “Oli, I don't think Star wants any apple juice…”

Oliver mumbled, “Okay, want some Adult~ apple juice?” He stared at Star, then looked to Moonlight.

Star softly answered, “I’m good, but thank you for the offer…”

Oliver quickly sprinted away, running around the house, jumping on the furniture, he went over to the music box and hit it, the box started playing music and he danced.

Mamba facepalmed, and sat with her head in her hand for a few seconds, “Why… How… Wait! DAMIAN I BLAME YOU FOR THIS!”

Damian’s eyes widened, “Hey it's not my fault!”

Mamba stared, “Your the one who didn't wear the co-”

Star exclaimed, “Um ya the child is right here let's not talk about that right now, maybe later though heh.”

Oliver stopped dancing and fell over, “HEY, talk about what?” His eyes started to close, his head fell over, but he woke back, up, proceeding to fall asleep.

Damian carried him to his crib and set him down, “I love you Oli…” He kissed his forehead and left.


Damian walked back out to Mamba sprawled across the couch with a margarita in her hand, “Hi Damian? Is he sleeping now…”

Oliver peeked around the corner silently, “Mommy’s drinking’ alcohol”

Moonlights ears twitched, “Oliver go to bed…”

Oliver stared in disbelief, “How?” He ran off as fast as he could.

Moonlight chuckled “Glad the little one is still innocent, considering you two are his parents…”

Mamba gasped and screeched, “WHAT HAVE I EVER DON-”

Damian cut her off, shaking his head, “SHHHH! Oliver is sleeping~”

Jeopardy looked in from the corner of the kitchen, “I-Is it go-gone?” She slowly stepped out with her sushi, “He tried to take my sushi… HE SCARES ME!”

    Damian was holding back laughter, he was terrified of Jeopardy, “You’re scared of Oliv-” He cut himself off and started laughing.

Oliver bolted out of his room, running around the house screaming, “MONSTEW! THEWES A MONSTEW! SAVE ME PAPA!”

Jeopardy peered out from his room, “Hello child~ MWAHAHA!” She reached out for Oliver and he ran away, screaming more.

Damian lowly said, “HEY! Stop it Jeopardy, he's supposed to sleep… NOT BE SCARED TO DEATH!” He wasn’t exactly being serious but didn't want his child to be scared out of his mind.

Mamba tackled Jeopardy, “Stop…”

Star was laying on Moonlight’s shoulder the two of them trying to ignore the situation.

    “I’m just playing!” Jeopardy tried and failed to keep from laughing. “He knows I’m kidding!”

    Star lowly sighed as Oliver was jumping all over him. Mamba laughed at Star’s expense and ‘rescued’ the poor wolf from her child. Star quickly stayed glued to Moonlight.

    Jeopardy giggled madly before flying up to a supporting beam that ran across the ceiling.

    Mamba rolled her eyes, she got out yet again another bag of sushi, “JEOPARDY! Here girl!” She shook the bag, Jeopardy flew down and wagged her tail.

    Star hugged Moonlight and put his head on Moonlight’s shoulder. “I’m glad that we’re all here… just like old times”

    Mamba sat by Damian on their recliner, “Yeah… just like the old times.” She slightly glanced at Oliver, still running around, Jeopardy chasing after him.

    Moonlight exclaimed “Well if we’re gonna be here long… Got any beer…?”

    Star’s head darted up, “Beer?”

    Damian sighed, “Yeah, we do… I don't drink it, I don't drink at all… but, It's in the hidden fridge, under the cabinets…”

Star quietly asked, “If you don't mind, why don't you drink?”

    Damian looked at him concerned, “Oh… uhh… Bad experience…” He glanced away quickly.

    Star shook his fur as he got up, “Oh… I’m sorry to hear that…” He and Moonlight went to the kitchen to grab the beer.

    Jeopardy sat down on the couch across the seating area, “What happened?”

    Damian’s ears perked, “I-I, I’d rather not say…”

    Star and Moonlight came back with a beer in their hands the two of them sat next to each other on the couch and Star commented “Well this is really a nice house.”

    Mamba nodded, “Yeah, It has to be nice, we needed an extra room for the new little one…”

    Star gasped “Oh my gosh, Wow you don't look pregnant at all.”

    Mamba smiled, “Really? Thank you, Star…” She looked at the clock.

    Star understood what she meant “Well we might need to go... I promised Moonlight we would do something tonight….”

    Mamba looked over to Moonlight, “That ain’t happening tonight Star, he's drunk…”

    Moonlight shook his head, “No I'm not, We need to head home Stary.

    The two of them had hugged everyone goodbye and had gotten in their car to drive home. As the two of them were driving back home Star exclaimed “Ya know…humans can really be something else can't they?” He slightly giggled. Moonlight chuckled along with him.


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