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'Nostalgia' (Entrapdak zine #5 art)


365 deviations
'Nostalgia' (Entrapdak zine #5 art)


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Hordak x Entrapta Colored

Hordak, Entrapta, Entrapdak, She-Ra reboot

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Rime Coldspray colored

Thomas Covenant fan art and fic

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Varyag Viking costume final


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The Curse of Rha-kan'Ocka - Art

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TCoRO Book II, Chapter 27.

CHAPTER 27. The Trickster That night Khran-Av'ees yet again sprung awake in the middle of the small hours, bedsheets tattered and torn under his tossing and turning as gentle as a rockslide. The nightmares were not satisfied with only a single disruption, but kept elbowing him up every once in a while till the horizon turned pale gray. Somewhere around then the warlord yielded, buckled up his loincloth, and slouched into the upmost kitchens with dark shadows under his eyes. It was the serving boy's luck that he apparently spoke Morning-Grumpy Khran fluently, and from "GrrmhhbrrghGROAHsrrhllpffhhmph!" understood to fetch him a tankard of col

The Curse of Rha-kan'Ocka - Novel Draft

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Goliath + Elisa CC

Gargoyles fanart

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Moar Unseen Academicals

Discworld fanart

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Noctune collab/colored (Danny Phantom)

Danny Phantom fanart

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Elvenpath WIP

Misc. Original Art

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Buzz Lightyear and co BW final

BLoSC TS fanart

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Hordak claiming Havoc colored

MOTU fanart

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Schemy Sauron

Misc. Fanart

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Giant's Causeway 1


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BLoSC+TS fic ch. 6

Fandom: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, with some humanized characters from the Toy Story trilogy (Jessie, Woody, etc.) Rating: PG-13 Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Humor Summary: Zurg meddles with powers he scarcely understands, and puts much more than the fate of the Galactic Alliance in jeopardy. Now, it's up to Team Lightyear and a couple of unexpected allies to save the day. ...And the Serpent Shall Poison the Heavens "People afterwards called him Leif the Lucky. But his father, Eric, said that one account should balance the other, that Leif had rescued the ship's crew, and that he had brought the Trickster to Greenland. This was the prie

Fan fiction

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Commish - Nightcat


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Buzz Lightyear and co WIP 3

Doodles - wips - misc

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Blue Bells

Old crap 2006

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Grievous BW

Old crap 2005

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MotU - Wrath

Old crap 2004

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Scrooge and Goldie tryout

Really old crap 2003

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