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Viking outfit project cont. II

By zorm
Hit download for the full-resolution image.

And ignore the damn shoes. Still haven't been able to acquire anything more period-friendly.

Also: according to Thor Ewing, spacious sleeves weren't uncommon in the Viking age.

If you're interested in making your own Varangian pants, I'd recommend first cutting a test pair out of some cheap fabric before using more expensive materials. Mine took well over 3m of (150 cm wide) linen.

This garment is more suitable for slim people to wear, because due to the copious folds the fabric bunches up below the waistline.

(Zorm is a member of SCA, Drachenwald)
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Your work is awesome, I am really inspired!
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This is fantastic, I'm looking to do a Viking outfit for me and my partner for Halloween, thank you for the in depth walkthrough :-).
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THIS. IS. AWESOME!! :jawdrop:
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Not only is the garment you've created totally amazing but I love how you've presented it with a mixture of detail shots and construction notes, it gives a great sense of the complexity of the piece.
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wow, this is great!thanks for sharing! :heart: :D
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This is awesome work! Thank you for sharing it :)
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Wow, the pants look similar to what men wear in Brittany! :O
Here: [link]
We call those "bragoubraz". What do you call their Viking equivalent? ^^
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wow I envy your patience to pull something like this together
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Wonderful work and creativity. As you say, I am also not here for mindless praise but honest feedback.
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You have no idea how much I love this O___O
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this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. guuuuuh @__@
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woiw se on niin hieno!
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This is absolutely wonderful - I love the attention to detail with the embroidery. :)
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how long did this take you?
it looks really good and accurate :D
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