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The Last Dark cartoon FINAL

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© 2012 - 2020 zorm
Final version of The Last Dark cartoon (promo-ish), started as something light-hearted but gradually turned into possibly the most complex piece I've drawn in years.
Older shots:

The whole cast, left to right:
Upmost row: She-Bane, a random Sandgorgon, Infelice, the Despiser, Worm of the World's End, Roger, Kastenessen, some skurj

Giants: Rime Coldspray, Stormpast Galesend, Cirrus Kindwind, Frostheart Grueburn, Latebirth, Cabledarm, Onyx Stonemage, Halewhole Bluntfist, Lostson Longwrath

First row: some wraiths and ur-viles, crack!ranyhyn, Clyme, Covenant, Branl, Stave, Jeremiah, Linden, Pahni, Mahrtiir, Bhapa, the Lurker, some Feroce

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant belong to Stephen R Donaldson.
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A thoroughly delightful light-hearted tribute to one of the most demanding and darkest fantasy series of all time (and my favorite).
Seeing Linden and Jeremiah together does remind me of the question I had for Linden: how come you never found anything warmer for your son to wear than the old ragged pajamas he started out with?

Thanks for all your Thomas Covenant art - a great treat.
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No Elohim?
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comixjammerProfessional General Artist
Just finished reading the Last Book(s) and can now enjoy this piece of fantastic (& fun) artwork even more! Well done :-) I love all the different expressions you've integrated into the Giants and the care and detail you've brought to all the other characters. Impressive and lovely. Would love a poster of this <3 Cheers!!
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hey where's Vain?
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Would love to see you do a rendering of The Mahdoubt, and The Ardent.
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woomoocooStudent Digital Artist
That's amazing! Nearly finished the book, love the drawing!
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zorm Digital Artist
Heh, thanks. I drew this well before the book had come out, so it has a couple of mistakes (Kastenessen...). Hope you like the book! :-D
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Simply amazing.  Words cannot do it justice.
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zorm Digital Artist
Haha thanks. Still can't believe this began as a joke piece...
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What an awesome amazing picture! TCTC art is too rare
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zorm Digital Artist
Thanks. :D
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PS: This is amazing :)
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I think the next edition of the _The Last Dark_ should use this is its cover. I am off to write SRD to see if he will give his blessing or ask the publisher. 

(How long did this take???)

Also, I want a Feroce plushie. With flame. Not sure how that will happen but I want one.

Methinks that the Ranyhyn has had a bit too much amanibhavan. Maybe it shared some with Lostson too, and all those tales of brain damage and elohim were just excuses. 
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saracat13Hobbyist Artist
I love your art work and what is his name on the right side and he is a naga with blue skin.   
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This is incedible!
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zorm Digital Artist
Thanks! ^^
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You're welcome! Now do each of the other books! :D
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Once again, I love your TC art.
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zorm Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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Great work!
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zorm Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
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Wonderful stuff! Counting down the days till The Last Dark is published and found this - yayyy! There's too little Thomas Covenant stuff on DA and this pic just makes me so happy, I love your take on the different characters, there's so much humour here - Lostson's expression cracks me up, I'd love to see your takes on Berek, Loric, Elena, Esmer etc as well.  Beautiful work and wonderful colours, thanks for sharing. <3
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zorm Digital Artist
Haha, thanks! ^_^
Yeah, unfortunately it's REALLY rare (and I would also love seeing other people's versions of the characters). I've perused half the internet for it, and 3rd chronicles art in particular seems nonexistent. :/

I read the actual book months ago (an ARC) and this one contains some small errors/differences. It was drawn a year ago, after all.
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Moozipan-Cheese Filmographer
I think I'm gonna have to come back to this pic once I've finished reading the entire series, haha! I've only completed the First Chronicles so far, but this picture looks absolutely amazing.
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