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TCoRO Sketchdump II by zorm TCoRO Sketchdump II by zorm
Another concept dump, this one drawn on the basis of last week's long plotline and character development discussion with my friend. Sketchy stuff, and may be regally off. The purpose was mainly to compare skin colors and facial elements.
Not going to Scraps, I drew this in the course of several days. >(

The novel is heavily humor-oriented, so it employs common fantasy clichés as parody elements.

Notes on the characters:

Khran-Ddu'h the Skullhammer (purple-skinned guy with graying brown hair and huge nose):
Head of the Khran household; here in his present age, which is around 29000. Gathered fame and some riches in his younger days in the wars of Tghur-nipschgh'Uobah.

Ghodigh'irm (Khran-Av'ees's mother):
Here as a younger woman. From the southernmost and most barbaric parts of Rha-kan'Ocka, she settled down to the district of Schonda'Rha-baggoh after marrying Khran-Ddu'h. Over the centuries, she had several tens of children, out of which too many did not survive even past the age of 200. 17000-17500 years ago, Khran-Ddu'h spent long times away from home in various wars, and she looked after her family of ten alone. Khran-Av'ees was her sixth son, and was born in-between those years.

(Lord/King) Guarh G'Uhageid (guy with long straight hair/ponytail):
Here seen as much younger, at the age of 18000. Presently he is 35000, and sports the common white-haired grandfather look seen in my other pics.

Before G'Uhageid married Ghirn, he spent his days as a common highwayman and vagrant warrior, switching often identities. Along with this, he was the worst kind of lady-seducer imaginable. On occasion, the hayloft adventures in random villages left behind side-effects that were noticeable only after a while. He traveled around Rha-kan'Ocka far and wide, often strategically organizing the pillaging of villages whose major warriors had been summoned into military service or alike.

Before he lost his right eye and had his hair turning gray, G'Uhageid possessed the vainness and egoism of Narcissus. These qualities got somewhat watered down due to the previous incidents, but still thinking him as humble would be just as correct as calling a truckload of parrots in disco lights colorless.

For a long time (~20000 years), he was the last elf to carry the ancient name of G'Uhageids in the whole wide Rha-kan'Ocka. When Ghirn stepped into the picture, he made sure that his line definitely was not going to be broken. He is also the rightful heir to the throne of the whole realm, but has not yet been able to claim the position due to the reigning of the Dusk. After his calming-down, he took a more responsible attitude towards his 'destiny', and also went into wizarding, which he had practiced more or less as cheap trickery theretofore.
Guarh is the obligatory Aragorn-Gandalf-parody of the book.

(Lord) Khran-Av'ees:
At various ages here. Should be noticeable by the horrible hair.
For all his childhood and adolescence, Khran was runty, sullen, and generally teased by the 'normally-developed' children of his village. For one, he was born with a distinctly different skin tone than the rest of his siblings. This was put to the account of Khran-Ddu'h having some distant northlander blood in him (the southlanders have inherently a much darker skin, often darkish purple or dark gray) which just might have caused the characteristic, and it was no more discussed.

Khran also suffered from his grisly disfigurement since the very early childhood. During a hunting trip up in the nearby mountains, he went to play together with some older children into the forest. He got rather accidentally thrown down head first a short drop into a bush, which otherwise would not have caused even minor injuries, if it hadn't been for the hidden growth of zurmarhuorh nettles just inside the shrub. When their leaves become in contact with soft tissues, the fatal acid in them starts slowly eating up the membranes, usually leading into the tardy and extremely painful melting-like death of the victim.

Khran received help on just about the last moment from a skillful shaman living nearby. Even if the potions saved his left eye and stopped the spreading of the acid, the left side of his face became permanently disfigured. A darklordish quality from the early on. Almost every serious villain pursuing the Official Evil Overlord Protocol is masked due a 'problem' akin to this, after all.

In the leftmost sketch, he is 19. Stunted and round-shouldered compared to the rest of his age, he hasn't even reached the height of his mother (6'8"). As much as it was possible for Ghodigh'irm from her atrocious, shrieky temper to pamper anyone, she did treat Khran in a more protective manner than the rest of her children. Frustrated by his uselessness and the patronizing, Khran ran shortly after this away from home, and joined a band of vagrant barbarians.

Some years later, his hormones started pedaling properly, and maybe even a bit on overdrive. He took a rapid growth spurt both lengthwise and sideways, and whizzed about a foot past the common average for Rha-kan'Ockian men (7 feet). It is not impossible (though rather uncommon) for these elves to have their proper hormonal changes postponed by several decades. Khran was not such an extreme case, or course, but he was late in the correct development nonetheless.

In the second scribble from the left, he's in his late twenties, with finally an appropriate chin. This is about the only period when his body hair was somewhat decent. Past 40, his beard alone took on such an uncontrollable growth, that shaving twice a day would not have kept a goatee clean. Hence the hip-length braided monstrosity of today.

Up in the middle, he's in his current age, 17000. The nose has broken so many times it's beyond its original shape. Along with the temper, he has inherited his mother's hair quality and eyes. Despite the topmost hair growing curly, his whiskers have always emerged straight.

Shouldn't be too hard to guess why the vertical comparison of Khran and G'Uhageid's mugshots in about the same age. XD Shouldn't leave little oopsies into random villages...

The Curse of Rha-kan'Ocka belongs to me. [link]
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Coronadofwb Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! I love all of your sketches! :aww: I love how you put so much detail in them, and I love how you do their expressions and facial expressions :D Wonderful work! :clap:
zorm Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2007   Digital Artist
Thanks. ^^
Expressions are one thing I really love to draw besides hair and billowing cloaks. Also gives you an excuse to make funny faces in front of the mirror whilst taking reference. XD
Coronadofwb Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, who doesn't love doing expressions? xD lol! Definantly a good excuse ;p
TyParsec Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2006
Nice collage of the different descendants there! You're impeccably good at the older-aged men. I also like how you did Khran's mother. I can see where he got the hair, not only from his mother, but his father as well. Lol.

The background stories are very well tought-up as well. Kudos on that! It's nice to see original universes created in such an intensely thoughful manner.
katiescarlet Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, so much fun backstory behind these characters. I love to see an original "universe" that's so fleshed out and has so much thought behind it. :)
ShadowEyeMoony Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006
Well, this was most definitely a very enlightening picture/explanation to everything that's going on in your story. It's good to see all those characters in one picture, and indeed, Khran is unmistakably his father's son. ;-) And they're both so vain I'm starting to believe those ugly yellow easter flowers will be sprouting out their ears, soon.
I drool Guarh. Now I do. Most of all his young tattooed version... so, here: *drip drip drip*
And I think Khran is quite adorable when sulking as a youngster in this picture. He looks a bit a loner here, too, even if I'm not sure he really ever was. After all, at least his mother doted on him. :-)
I like the way you can make each of these characters look so much alike yet so much different. I mean, you have kept the general features of these elves the same, yet no-one could mistake one as somebody else. Go see some Potter-fanart of bishie Severus and Sirius, and you know what I mean.
Interesting new world you've created, and it must have taken much of your time and imagination. Wish I could one day do the same!
MishiDraws Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I need to read your book, now. It does sound very interesting: and I bet your Lord Khran-Avee's does have fangirls, no matter how much of a bishi-boi's antithesis he is.

Fangirls come in all kinds.
zorm Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006   Digital Artist
Feel free to. :) I hardly can give a personal opinion on as to whether it's good or sucks beyond all limits imaginable. But the very few readers from whom I've gotten some feedback seem to have liked it.

Funny you should mention Khran fangirls; we were just talking about that over LJ a few days back. Against all logical reasoning, he seems to have a few of them, indeed. It's scary. XD XD
MishiDraws Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What can I say? Evil is sexy. I like his taste in women too. At least the way you draw Hiid.
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