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TCTC: My Sweet

By zorm
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Gaaah it's so sugary people'll get monster cavities and lose all their teeth. :noes:

The First and her crippled hunchback mate Pitchwife from the Thomas Covenant books. Yesyes, still fangirling this series. :noes:
The background was suggested by someone else, and it contributes oodles of more schmaltz into the general soppy atmosphere. And he's looking into her eyes, not the...other stuff; the angle's somewhat awkward in that sense. =P Might contain some other mistakes but I have no more energy to put into this.

Remember proportion. Even she's about 10,5ft tall. =P Strong Norse mythology/jötunn influences/connections.

(c) Stephen R Donaldson
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Just loving this so much :-)
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Very beautiful giants!
Constructive criticism: This isn't as good or funny as your Fanon vs Canon Snape sketch.
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You've probably heard this dozens times before, but the detail in this is amazing. The patterns on those belts and bags! *v*
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LOL It is cute, but I have a bit of a sweet tooth and am used to it. ;) So my teeth won't fall out at least. :D
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Are these two your favorite characters? You draw them so often.
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If three times a year is often, then I guess they are. ;)
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hahaha, I guess my perception of reality and reality do not always line up.

They are favorites of mine as well.
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Love it - Great job!
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I've just started Fatal Revenant! Loved Pitchwife and the First - love your take on all the giants, very different to how I imagine them but spectacular none-the-less.
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Thanks. :) Well, since we already have heroic seafaring Giants in the Finnic and Norse mythologies, I have some very direct artistic influences. (Foamfollower = Kalevipoeg forever. Can't rid myself of that association no matter what.)

So how are you liking Fatal Revenant? =) Pitchwife is probably my all-time favorite character of the Chronicles.
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I gotta say I've loved Runes of the Earth and Fatal Revenant the most out of the series - I found Thomas and Linden a little unbearable in the first two trilogies respectively :)

Pitchwife is indeed wonderful, Saltheart aswell, in fact all those giants...

I have me some big love for the waynhim.
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Hehe, I fangirl the 2nd chronicles the most; to each to their own, I guess. However, also love FR and AATE.

I think I'm mildly fascinated by the ur-viles (now that there's some talk of these critters...); first they resembled one's regular mooks of the local dark lord, then they turned interesting after the emergence of Vain. We'll see how they'll affect the Land's eventual fate in the 3rd chrons...

(As a major fan of the giants, a bit saddened over the underdevelopment of Rime Coldspray and her retinue...)
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I definitely preferred the second chronicles to the first in terms of Character and story-telling but the Sun Bane was just terrible, I felt awful the entire time - so glad to see it go :)

I love that we got to meet Berek in this latest trilogy and get to see some of the Land's hidden parts.

Keep on drawing these guys it's great seeing them!
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