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TC:TF colored

By zorm
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The First of the Search from The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Been drawing this stuff too much lately.

Definitely keeping the Norse/Viking influences in the designs concerning her culture, since the author clearly has drawn his inspiration from the Jötnar/Hrímthursar; they even have names like "Rime" (Hrím) and "Frost-" in the later volumes. TF strongly reminds me of Jötnar like Járnsaxa ('Iron-Seax').

Her sword is inspired by a Viking-age blade found in a Finnish warrior woman's grave. It belongs to one of the most beautiful prehistoric swords found in Finland.

(c) Stephen R. Donaldson

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I always pictured the First as a blond, but it's been some time since I read the books and really it's neither here nor there as this is fantastic.
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I think her shoes ought to be armoured too, considering that most of her (humanoid) foes would be quite a bit smaller than her.

She looks rather wistful.
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Right, someone else also commented on this. Based the footwear on Roman army caligae, but perhaps I'll give her something different when I draw her the next time. Gave Rime & co. granite-capped boots, though. 
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ugh man you're stuff is amazing!! :D very inspiring :D
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I agree with guitarfan this lacks something in the image to show the scale of her actual size.

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing
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Would need a different image altogether, since adding just one human character wouldn't fit the composition. I do have a picture somewhere in my gallery, though, that shows the scale of Linden/Covenant against that of Pitchwife/Gossamer.
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Yes! I love The First!
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Only thing that might improve it is a little Covenant or Linden for scale. :D
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Wouldn't really have fit the atmosphere and composition of this image, though. ;) However, regarding scale, the top of Linden's head would just about reach her hips.
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Yeah, the composition is fantastic as is.
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The attention to detail is inspiring.
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Love its practicality and the detail in the design.
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Good God, this is incredible! Thanks for posting it to the FemaleMuscle group, so we got a chance to see it!
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No problem. Someone else requested it, I didn't know about the group's existence.
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good drawing!

it is from game?
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I really, really dig the textures here, both metal and rock and moss. I don't know how you did them, but they really add atmosphere.

I also LOVE the woman. You actually drew a woman in armor with a proper body, for the most part (no, she's not 'overweight', she has muscles O.o) Her armor looks sensible, well designed, I really like it. (Yes, her breasts are a bit big for my taste, but that's my taste and by no means a negative aspect of the picture)

...Sorry for the random comment from a random person from randomia, I just wanted to drop a comment after stumbling on your gallery and really liking this piece the most.
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No need to apologize, I love reading people's comments. :) They're altogether too rare these times.

I'm not too fond of the present-day portrayal of warrior women in chain mail bikinis, all vital organs exposed to sharp, pointy objects. Unless one's skin is made of flint, that's scarcely practical (besides, the First of the Search was described to carry proper armor in the books).

Anyhow, glad you liked it. :)
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Thank you for uploading your art to DA, not all the people find the Watch easily, maybe even some of those not aquainted with SRD's books will get to read them :)

This one is among the most awesome of your works, a rare and wonderful combination of fantasy and realism.
It's always impressive to see feminine armor that actually looks like armor. :)
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Too much? There can't be too much of your stuff? This is awesome!
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