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TC: Coldspray, Grueburn

By zorm
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Two characters (Ironhand Rime Coldspray, Frostheart Grueburn) from Fatal Revenant/Against All Things Ending. Physique and looks as canon as possible. Everyone in their culture's a bit eccentric and crazy, but not lack-witted.

I'm still in the middle of a huge fangasm over Stephen R. Donaldson's works; people should seriously read them more, instead of some of that other tripe that gets dumped under the label of 'dark fantasy' these days. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant definitely belongs among the best fantasy series I've ever read, right on par with LOTR and Discworld. Granted, TCTC feels and sounds LOTR-ish on first touch, but that's largely because SRD and Tolkien used the same materials for inspiration (Norse mythology, the Völsunga saga, etc.). Be as it may, I've never read anything so psychologically intense and with such believable characters (not necessarily likable at first, but that's anti-heroes for you), save perhaps for A Song of Ice and Fire. Now some of my favorite characters ever emerge from these novels: Saltheart Foamfollower, Linden Avery, TC himself, Pitchwife, the First, Grimmand Honninscrave, and so on.

I have mixed sentiments about the 3rd chronicles, however (these were started some 20 years after White Gold Wielder, which in itself possesses a completely satisfactory ending). Runes of the Earth was, simply put, horrible. Almost ceased reading right there, but some folks over at KW urged me on, and to my delight, the story gained much more substance and pace in Fatal Revenant and onwards.

Now, before the Last Dark comes out, I have time to elbow aside some of that teenage sparklepire muck publishers call dark fantasy and take a look at Malazan: Book of the Fallen (not by SRD). I made an attempt at the first tome right after finishing A Dance with Dragons, but turned out my brain couldn't filter such complexity right after GRRM's gigazillion characters. XD As lighter reading, I rushed through Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series, which was excellent (egads, I loved Sazed to bits) despite some Mary Sue-ish vibes. If you're not up to the grittiness of Thomas Covenant, try that one. ;)

Ah, what a wall of tl;dr.

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You reeled me in with these beautifully drawn, very muscular women warriors, and then your wall-o'-text convinced me I need to give The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant a read sometime!
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I love Giants, period.  You have summed up the excellence of the 'Covenant' series very well.  I just finished 'The Last Dark' the other evening while traveling and reflected that it was the end of a series that I had begun reading when I was a young man.   10 excellent novels that I join you in _highly_ recommending to anyone with a thirst to explore new Lands and new characters.  The Land is heart breakingly pure and we could all use a little of that in our souls.
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great artwork.
i agree with your view about tctc well worth the real effort the books demand of the reader. not easy, never light. outcomes are always tinged with compromise and no outright 'good always triumphs' of more simpler books.
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One of the best illustrations on DA. I saw it back when it was posted and have been looking for it.
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Argh, need to get back to serious art. Just...a humongous creativity block.
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I really like everything about this, pose, expression, details... Lovely!
Best Chronicles I've ever read; possibly the best there ever will be, aside from J.R. Tolkien's works.
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haha, this is greaat! :heart:
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Melko hunkkeja tätejä, hauska kuva pistää hymyilyttään :D
zorm's avatar
Kiitosta. :) Juuh, ovat aika mötiköitä, mutta sellaisiahan ne kirjassakin...ja kovia pröystäilemään keskenään.
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aaa ok, en oo noihin kirjoihin ikävä kyllä tutustunu :)
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I've read the First and Second Chronicles of Covenant many times, ever since I found it on my dad's bookshelf way back in high school. From the first, it was obvious that it was different than any other fantasy I'd read before. SRD's psychological realism and his fearlessness in bringing Covenant and Avery down into the depths of depravity to fight his way back up with the help of their friends. The sense of loss pervasive throughout The Power that Preserves and even more so in The Wounded Land, and then the final triumph of each of those (oh, Foamfollower!) is simply astonishing.

I haven't read any of the Last Chronicles yet. I'm waiting to make sure it's finished first. Not that I expect Donaldson to die, or anything, but you never know who will be hit by a car, and I'm not taking any chances with my favorite fantasy series being left unfinished. :-/

Have you read his other works, like the Gap scifi series or Mordant's Need? Mordant is much less intense on the whole.

Also, if you don't mind my asking, how was reading Lord Foul's Bane for the first time for you? As a native english-speaker, I found the prose incredibly dense and difficult, although it becomes much more readable as the series progresses.
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Hey, thanks for the comments. :)

And woohoo, someone else recognizes these books!! :party: :party:

I found TCTC while specifically looking for stories with anti-heroes as main characters via Google (says a great deal about my vexation with the typical modern fantasy....). I think this was the top item on some list I stumbled upon, and bingo. Had to re-read the first two chrons to fully appreciate the depth of the multilayered plot and characters, however, and only thereafter I seemingly got thrown into this huge fit of fangirling. XD Furthermore, as a long-time Nordic mythology enthusiast, I was glad to finally discover a fantasy series that portrays a certain species fraught with the high intelligence and skills their mythological counterparts possess.

Damndamndamn I need to draw some fanart of Foamfollower; he's such a tragic but brilliant, brilliant character. ;__;

I agree the language's challenging, even grueling at times, but as someone used to reading texts in several different languages since childhood, I don't become horribly frustrated if I miss the meaning of a word here or there, as long as I catch the essential core of the sentence or paragraph. Additionally, I've gotten so accustomed to searching for synonyms and general word meanings in a dictionary even while typing answers to emails that I scarcely think much of it any longer. :D So, in other words, his sesquipedalianism doesn't bother me; on the contrary, I learned a whole deal of new expressions.

Haven't taken a look at Mordant's Need yet, but I'm about halfway through Gap right now. Uuufff...quite brutal, makes Covenant feel akin to a light frolic upon daisy-clad fields. >_< Not precisely sure what to make of it yet.
guitarfan01's avatar
Yeah, Gap is really grimdark.

Donaldson's giants are the best giants.

Foamfollower's arc is so good. So damn good.

Now I want to read it again (and work on that screenplay adaptation I've been playing around with).
zorm's avatar
Well, I finished Gap earlier this week and have to say that in spite of the grimdark brutality and bleakness, especially the last book was so full of intrigue and character growth that couldn't put it down. Not really worse than ASOIAF in terms of grittiness. :shrug:

What kind of adaptation are you working on?
guitarfan01's avatar
I'm really just playing around with the structure; how it would work as a film or tv miniseries, similar to the ASOIAF miniseries HBO has been showing.

Nothing official, just something that won't leave my brain by itself.
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Those are some awesome warrior women!
zorm's avatar
GeorgieGanarf's avatar
You are most welcome my Friend!
I enjoyed it a lot, it's a nice change from the "Barbie doll in a brass bikini" types. They look like good friends to pub crawl with, and good comrades when times get tough.
Please, keep up the good work my friend!
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Aina tekee mieli ruveta lukemaan noita kirjoja joista näitä hahmoja piirrät, pitää joku päivä ihan oikeasti etsiä käsiin jokin näistä eepoksista kun kerran on näin mielenkiintoisia hahmojakin.

Mutta asiaan. Aivan mielettömän näköisiä lyylejä, aivan minun makuuni! Ja miten kauniit hymysuut :D Kyllä sitä tulee aina ihailtua sun taitoa tehdä niin persoonallisen näköisiä tyyppejä. Ja siis edelleenkin, kaikki noi yksityiskohdat ja ah anatomia, täydellinen anatomia... kyllä tässä silmä lepää :) Mie en varmaan ikinä kyllästy sun töihin! Vaikka ikävä kyllä tulee liian harvoin kommentoitua, häpeän sitä syvästi, ei ole edes mitään tekosyytä miksi kommentoin niin harvoin, söri :( täytyy yrittää tehdä muutos asiaan.
zorm's avatar
Kiitosta kovasti. :D Kannattaa aloittaa lukeminen Lord Foul's Banesta [link] (tai yleensäkin ekasta "kronikasta"), jos jostain löydät näitä. Itse tilasin mötikät Amazonilta, siellä kelpaa jopa suomalainen Visa Electron maksuvehkeenä. Lord Foul's Bane ei ole huono missään nimessä, mutta tarina itse paranee huomattavasti Illearth Warin mukana ja sen jälkeen. Henk. koht. tykkään eniten toisen kronikan kirjoista. Näissä tosiaan vilisee näitä nassiivisia, lihaksikkaita heppuja ja jotenkin Lovecraftimaista kauhua siellä täällä, luulen että tosiaan tykkäisit. XD Kannattaa kanssa bookmarkata hyvä englannin-englannin sanakirja netistä, itse käytin tätä lukemisen ohella (teksti on paikoin vaikeaa): [link]

Yhteensä näitä on 9, osa 10 tulossa joskus 2013.

Voin vaan sanoa, että näitä kahta oli tosi hauska piirtää, kerrankin oikein kunnon mörssärimimmejä, jotka tosissaan osaavat niittää satoa miekoillaan. XD Mamma Coldsprayllä vähän hammasrivi harottaa, mutta jos on noin tuhat vuotta treenannut ja tapellut sotajoukoissa, niin kyllä se jälkensäkin jättää.
KingKaarle's avatar
Kiitoksia tiedosta ja linkeistä! :) Täytyy tosissaan yrittää ostaa edes yksi noista luettavaksi heti kunhan taloudellinen tilanne sen sallii, sitä kun kituutetaan opiskelijatuilla tällä hetkellä ja jokanen sentti merkitsee :P

Vai että kymmentä kirjaa tässä pitäisi kohta olla lukemassa jos koukkuun jää :lol: Nooh mut jos on mörssärimimmejä tiedossa niin miksei :XD: Eikä se Lovecraftimaisuuskaan ole pahaksi ;)
zorm's avatar
Kääk, tiedän tunteen, kun itsekin puursin yliopistossa vuotta kahdeksan ja siinä eleli minimituloilla :( Ehkä kannattaa vilasta kirjastosta ensin? Lord Foul's Bane löytyy ainakin Turun pääkirjastosta (mutta ei sitten muita osia kuin White Gold Wielder, käsittämätöntä...), yliopistojen kirjastot ovat monipuolisempia. Jos ei kumminkaan ole makuusi, niin menee erkkejä hukkaan... Mä olen tottunut siihenkin, että ensin suosittelen jotain kirjaa toiselle ja sitten ilmeneekin, että ei se kaveri siitä pahemmin pitänyt. Ja toisin päin. Makuja on niin monia.

Play.comista vois saada halvemmalla, kun eivät lynttää postikuluja, ehkä käytettynäkin (hinta voi tippua 60%)? Ainakin ekoista kronikoista on tämmöinen koottu versio [link] , luulisi että tokastakin löytyy vastaavanlainen. Etsi hakusanoilla Thomas Covenant ja kyyläse vaikka wikipediasta tuo osien järjestys.

Itse en paljoa perusta noihin lukijoiden arvosteluihin esim. Amazonilla, kun itselläni on niin totaalisen erilainen maku. Jotkut siellä kitisevät, että päähenkilö on kettumainen, mutta sehän on koko tarinassa ideana (ja siitä sitten hahmokehitys). Näitä orpoja teinifarmipoikia on ihan liian kanssa. ;)

Mörssylyylit ilmestyvät tosin vasta tokassa kronikassa (The First of the Search), Fatal Revenantista alkaen niitä on enemmän. Lord Foul's Banesta on kanssa olemassa joku aivan kaamea suomennos 70-luvulta, vältä sitä kuin tuplaruttoa ja lue enkuksi.
AThousandRasps's avatar
Welp, time to check these books out. :P

Though I don't know these figures themselves, you've done an excellent job (as usual) capturing a hell of a lot of character in 'em.
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