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Stupid TLD cartoon WIP3

By zorm
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STILL wip The Last Dark crackart. :roll: Older shots: [link]

Got some suggestions for additional characters, which found their places despite the overcrowdnedness.

The whole cast, left to right:
Upmost row: She-Bane, a random Sandgorgon, Infelice, the Despiser, Worm of the World's End, Roger, Kastenessen, some skurj

Giants: Rime Coldspray, Stormpast Galesend, Cirrus Kindwind, Frostheart Grueburn, Latebirth, Cabledarm, Onyx Stonemage, Halewhole Bluntfist, Lostson Longwrath

First row: some wraiths and ur-viles, crack!ranyhyn, Clyme, Covenant, Branl, Stave, Jeremiah, Linden, Pahni, Mahrtiir, Bhapa, the Lurker, some Feroce

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant belong to Stephen R Donaldson.
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Good work! Is it possible to do images from the first and second chronicles? It would be great to see the Council of Lords, the Clave, and Lena's family, etc..,
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Oh my goodness, that is just really really awesome. Going through the series again, and this image is priceless! :D
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Don't know anything about this series- but that's cool piece of art!
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On kyllä aina ilo ja kunnia katsella uusia töitäsi! :D Ja huhhuh hatunnoston arvoinen suoritus tehdä kuva näin monella hahmolla! Olisi ainakin itselläni piru merrassa!

Mutta komiaa on, komiaa on!
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Kiitosta! Ja aikamoinen härvellys tästä tulikin ja monta kertaa ollut piru merrassa; enpä muista piirtäneeni yhtä monimutkaista hahmokasaa sitten... öh... enpä tiedä! Mutta hauska tämä on ollut. :)
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This is definitely one of the more complicated pics I've seen you do (which is saying something) and it is quite entertaining. :D Love the color, as usual.
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Thanks. :D I actually don't remember when I would've drawn so many characters into one picture...challenging but fun, considering the number of times I've laughed myself silly over some addition.
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LOL Yeah, I've totally done that too. ^^; The challenging but fun ones are always the best imo.
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