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Skurj BW

By zorm
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Not entirely happy with the result, but got fed up with editing this after spending tens of hours with the mere lineart. :roll: Maybe I'll color it sometime within the next hundred years, maybe not.

(Don't know if this'd need a mature content warning or not. Basically, the skurj's composed of living stone and magma, but takes on a worm-ish physical shape and munches everything that contains atoms for lunch. Flying lava's probably not the same as actual gore.)

Gender confusion arose elsewhere, yet they're all female. On the other hand, I couldn't imagine someone like Frostheart Grueburn appearing all twee and dainty: it's more like starting off with Brienne of Tarth and then adding a couple of centuries, 1,8 meters of more height, a completely opposite personality, and perchance a marginally prettier face. According to the unwritten law of fantasy, warrior women of course ought to be clad in a chain mail G-string and two stamps instead of hefty granite cataphracts. However, considering the eye level of Linden & co, it might get raaaather awkward, if they'd constantly have to stare up at...well.

Yup, and they can stand the heat of magma sans blistering. A lot of Swedish rune stone motives used as armor decoration. :lol: SRD has based his Giant(esses) on Norse mythology.

So these are from Fatal Revenant. (c) Stephen R. Donaldson

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I love the level of detail on your stuff. Great job.
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I love your Nordic style on these ones. So cool. Norse mythology is awesome
I... think I would go stark bonkers adding this much detail. :omfg:

And I loooove the faces and forms on these women!
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Aivan mahtava työ taasen! nuo yksityiskohdat on upeita.mutta päänsärkyä aiheuttavia :lol:
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Kiitosta. :) Aiheutti kyllä vähän päänsärkyä mullekin nuo nanometrin yksityiskohdat. Pikkusen silmät ristissä, kun sain mokoman valmiiksi.
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tämä olis vaikuttava väritettynäkin:nod:
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Jooh, ehkä näyttäis vähemmän sekavalta myös. Täytyy kattoa jos riittää energiaa jossain vaiheessa sen lisätyöstämiseen. Nyt pidän kyllä kuukauden parin tauon riipustuksesta ja yritän saada uuden viikinkitunikan valmiiksi. Piti olla jo Sydäntalvenjuhliin mennessä kasattuna, mutta päh, jonnekin taas kului aika. ;)
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Piece is cool
Are you going to play Skyrim? I think it has a lot of inspiration-mana for you.
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Nah, I'm not really the gamer type. :) At the moment I wouldn't have time for that either.
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This is an awesome piece- I always love all the little details in your work. Also your take on women- they aren't classically "pretty" or petite or something out of a ballet. They're going to kill dragons, and do a damn good job of it too :)

Love the facial expressions and the composition too.
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Thanks. :)

:lol: Well, since I've tried keeping them as close to canon as possible, they couldn't possibly be petite either (I mean, we're talking about warriors well over 3 meters tall who have trained and warred for centuries... Besides, they need to have the strength to contend while clad in heavy granite armor. I doubt a ballerina-shaped girl could do that. ;)).
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