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Saltheart and TC

By zorm
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The jötunn-ish Saltheart Foamfollower and the title character Thomas Covenant from Lord Foul's Bane.

Saltheart's looks are strongly inspired by Oskar Kallis's Kalevipoeg paintings. When I opened LFB for the first time, mere months had passed since I had read the epic (which tells about a tragic Estonian hero-giant). So no wonder I drew such strong parallels between these two figures. Nope, he doesn't possess the IQ of a centipede's shoe, no matter what the stereotype. :roll:

TC's being his usual bloody jerk, but you need to wait for 2,5 books for him to start redeeming himself.

(c) Stephen R. Donaldson

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Finally, I find some decent fan art for the series ^^   Just started re-reading the whole lot, working my way up to LD.

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Thanks, hope you enjoy the Last Dark. :)
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I am on the very last book of The 2nd Chronicles of Thomas covenant, about 1/4 of the book to finish. This is wonderful! I have loved this series so far!
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I love this! I'm doing a project for university where I'm going to try and design covenant and a few other characters from the first book. The detail is great!
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Thanks. :) Some of my interpretations are heavily influenced by Finnish and Norse mythologies, but there are others. I think I once read someone imagining the Giants as Mediterranean. :D Good luck.
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Fantastic detailing... the little extras really make this work!
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great style :) is that guy a viking?
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He's a thousand-year-old giant. But their culture's somewhat Viking-ish; they revel in seafaring and adventures.
chris-tougher-than-u's avatar
interesting ^^ i love the pencils
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Lovely work. Its always nice when you can really dig into details without losing the playfulness of an image.
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This is so detailed and amazing.
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Great piece of work, nicely done!
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great lineart
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Saltheart is great, Thomas I'll reserve judgement of until I reach the very, very end. Love your renderings - completely different to how I imagine them but great nonetheless!
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I've heard that a lot (that people have imagined the characters looking something utterly different). However, this corner of the world's up to its neck in folklore about giants, trolls, and other such wossnames (there's even that word vägimees which translates approximately into 'heroic giant'; haven't seen such a term in any other language before) already, so certain visuals stick in the mind for good. =D

Thomas does indeed remain a bit of a mystery--well, The Last Dark ought to solve that conundrum, unless there's going to be a Fourth Chronicles of Linden Avery or something.
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Wouldn't it be the third chronicles of Linden?
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