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Rime Coldspray colored

By zorm
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Older general-type warrior women (well, she's maybe about 2000 and not...uh...very delicate either) appear so rarely in fantasy books that this needed drawing.

(Yes the sword is made of granite.)

WIP shot: [link]
Norse/Finnish myth influences, as usual.
Layout originally inspired by the "Harrow cover" of Against All Things Ending.

(c) Stephen R Donaldson
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Amazing work on a little-explored theme. As others have noted, the detail is amazing. Thanks for this!
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So good!!! Exactly how I pictured her!
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The armor detail is particularly eye-catching. :)
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Kinda looks like Granny Goodness 2 me :sherlock:looks juuuuust like her I say!
I appreciate tha much-needed appearance of this older "stonewall" general as well! We C plenty of older men still capable of combat N fantasy movies all tha time! We've seen em N Star Wars, like every Sean Connery movie, most recently N Lord of the Rings as well! The older warrior woman-type isn't exactly undone but it is rather rare as the only 1 that comes 2 mind is Lin Bei-Fong from the animated sequel Avatar series!
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Hahahaha there IS a similarity, albeit unintentional. XD XD I didn't know the character so had to google it. I suppose it's the hairdo.

Beifong kicks arse. ^_^
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Let's say tha hairdo is actually just tha topping on tha likenesses between tha 2 from what I C!
I'm way N2 "Linorra" by tha way!
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...except that Rime's something like 11ft tall and 2000-odd years old. XD XD Granny might be her...evil mini-me?
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Something like that!
The detail on this is astounding, especially those aegishjallmir on the greaves (did I spell that right?)!
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Thanks. :D I think it's spelled Ægishjálmarnir (definite plural).
However it's spelled, it is definitely awesome. I'm not gonna lie, your drawings are what inspired me to pick up the TC books.
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Heh, they're not for everyone, but hope you're liking them. :D I finished The Last Dark today (one of those Advanced Reader Copies), and, apart from Steven Erikson's Midnight Tides, the best book I've read all year.
I am, Zorm, I am.  CARRY ON! :D
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Wow, an older looking fantasy woman... that actually looks really cool! I love it, immediate favourite.
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Aijai mie jo odottelinkin millon tämä tulee valmiiksi! :) Herkullista jälkeä, sumuinen efekti on onnistunut hienosti, ja tottakai kuvan soturirouva vie tietenkin koko potin. Nuo miekan heijastukset/hehkut on kyllä kans silmiä hivelevän kauniit.

On kyllä aina raikas tuulahdus nähdä näitä sun töitäs :+fav:
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Kiitti. :D Miekka on muuten graniittimöhkäle (tai ainakin jotain sinne päin), eli tällä kertaa ihan sen omaa koristusta. Tekstuurit kätevästi lähikallioleikkauksesta.
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Oooo that is beautiful!
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Beautiful work - thanks for not following the stereotypes! :)
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