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My Little Ranyhyn

By zorm
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There was some talk about Bronies with other Thomas Covenant fans, and lo and behold, the call of crack art reverberated through the galaxy anew. Yay for completely half-arsed coloring. =P

Ranyhyn are a breed of magical horses Covenant refuses to ride.

(c) Stephen R. Donaldson, Hasbro

This popped up on my playlist while crafting this sod. Well, thematically appropriate as it involves a 'magical horse', but the mental images, the mental images...
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The perfect antidote, if you have overdosed on Thomas Covenant and got yourself thoroughly depressed.
So TC has finally broken his vow and ridden one of the Ranyhyn. No wonder he's pissed off!

Thanks for giving me the biggest laugh of the day!
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This has been in my favourites for a long time. Why I never commented on it, I'll never know.
As has been said, this picture is a thing of pure beauty. If I ever forget to laugh, I will remind myself that this exists and the laughter will flow freely.
Wonderfull!! Your work is amazing, and this is worth a giantish laughter!

Hellfire! I love it!
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This is utterly hilarious.
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I had NO IDEA how much I needed this in my life until this moment. This is fantastic.
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Everyone needs ponies at some point during the long trudge of life. ;)
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I don't particularly like the MLP fandom, but this... this is beautiful. I want a Ranyhyn. :(
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Bwahahaha! This is great!
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not a huge fan of the friendship is magic ponies ... but this ... this is glorious. in a sort of odd, horrifying but hilarious way.
I have mixed feelings about the existence of this image. On one hand, it is quite funny. On the other, I find it really weird and odd that ponies have been applied to my favorite book series. I'm not a brony, which may have something to do with it, but it is pretty good. His expression is hilarious.
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Well, even semi-rabid fans must lighten up sometimes. =P I have quite a lot of serious TCTC fanart and writings in my gallery to compensate for the occasional cartoon. Glad if you found it funny, though.

"Ponification" or variations of thereof is hardly anything new; even I did that long before the new series emerged. Which is hilarious in an old looney tunes kind of way, some harmless counterbalance to hours and hours of Malazan and Gap Cycle and the like. :D
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My God.... this is just great!! XD
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Covenant is such a doucheburger... love your pic though :)
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You know, the venn diagram for the people who would appreciate the various fandoms of this drawing would be interesting to see.
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Hahaha, that would be interesting. XDD

(Why I fell in love with that show...can't even explain it. It's just so bloody hilarious.)
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Agreed. It laughed me into submission.
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