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Huge TCTC sketchdump

Various WIPs and fragments of thereof, studies, doodles, and random crack relating to The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant from the past three year-quarters. As if I didn't draw that stuff already enough. :roll:

Download for full view.

What's in this mess (from the upper left corner downwards):
-Honninscrave holding dead Seadreamer
-Height and anatomy studies
-Cartoony Longwrath (!!!???) and Linden
-Ur-vile studies and progress
-Grueburn and Exalt utterly sozzled, singing some horrible passage from the lay of Bahgoon the Unbearable and Thelma Twofist
-Moar studies
-Some Honninscrave crack
-Younger Pitchwife and Gossamer "Mourn Kinsloss"/The First (a rough wip scene from "Guilt")
-Another cartoony oddment (Rime and Grueburn)

Everything belongs to Stephen R. Donaldson, except for the elements snagged from Norse mythology. :P

Mature content warning because American laws think simple nudity's some sort of ur-sin. :roll:
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I am in love with all of your TC stuff. I could ramble mindlessly for paragraphs if I permitted myself. 

The cartoon linden above made me LOL. From now on, as I finish _The Last Dark_, that is how she will look in my mind. I am not sure if I should thank you or curse :)
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Simply fantastic work- such brutes and beauties.
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Always a pleasure to see those ladies...
zorm's avatar
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Very good work.
zorm's avatar
guitarfan01's avatar
you're quite welcome. :)
DaggerRavionFall's avatar
I love these! They are amazing!
zorm's avatar
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Heyyy, I'm not sure if I've seen this cartoony style of yours before. Very nice.
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Thanks! It's under slow 'development'.
Sirick-J-Griffardo's avatar
I feel slightly homoeroticated from viewing this, and I’m okay with that.
zorm's avatar
Hahaha well I don't mind. :D
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