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Hordak x Entrapta Colored

I'm happy to notice I can still paint in a decent manner after five years. Issues: I can't remember how light sources work, so shadows are a bit all over the place. Light sources have always posed problems for me, but perhaps I'll learn entirely new things in due course.
The lineart has been re-sketched quite a bit from the early June version. I have improved in my stylus usage and figured out how flowy elements function.

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I ship them hard.

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Nice romance novel cover :D

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:D :D Novel storyline: "Mad scientist princess and cybernetic space Dracula fall passionately in love amid the turbulences of an interdimensional cosmic opera."

Thanks for the favorite!

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This is what kept me coming back to that show.

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I started following it only this April (had never subscribed to Netfix before the lockdown), so there wasn't much of a gap before season 5 rolled out. But it's worth multiple rewatching sessions!

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I know what you mean. I watched it all as one giant season myself

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