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Grimmand Honninscrave BW

By zorm
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The tragic seafarer from [link]

Concentrated mainly on his clothing. These characters often wear mail or vests made of granite disks, which have been fun to design.

Continuing the Norse/Jötnar theme. 12 feet of height does not inherently equal lumbering oafishness. :roll:

c. 20h.

(c) Stephen R. Donaldson

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© 2011 - 2021 zorm
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Gosh... that took some PATIENCE!! Great attention to detail! 5 stars!! :star::star::star::star::star: :D
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Great giant, love the statue design too.
I am in love with your art!
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Yeah I love this one, wonderful detail still needs something to give it a sense of scale, I think though its missing the look of tragedy on his face, giants laugh but I never remember Grimmand smiling like that he was well Grim...morning what happened to his brother.
ogrebear's avatar
Fantastic tats, beard, details, body, everything in face.
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OmG! It's beautyful! In the most manly way.
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This guy makes nerdy sandals look awesome! :D

Masterful character and item design, I just love how every detail is perfectly placed, gives the character so much life.
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Thanks. XD He was quite fun to design, too.

Haha, I usually take the expression 'nerdy' as a kind of compliment, since it hints at a higher level of intelligence. :lol:
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:D Awesome detail!
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:) You're welcome.
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I enjoy the details very much, the hair and the armor, even those paper rolls look awesome, great work.
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Oh wow, I like his smile. And the hair on his hand. And his feet. Excellent work on all the details (especially the belt and pouch !). ^_^ Super-nice !
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Thanks! Paid special attention to his eyes and expression, so that he would appear both sharp and ambitious. Creatures of his caliber usually get dumped into the brutish+imbecile stereotype pile, where he definitely doesn't belong to. XD
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mahtavat detailit taas!
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Dang. I can't get over how freaking amazing your pictures are. I love how uniform the picutre is. Everything looks like it belongs there. I have issues with that. ^^;
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Thanks. :)

Well, I've been told my images look often overcrowded; trying to remedy that problem by inserting less background clutter now.
Obi-quiet's avatar
*shrug* So you're a maximalist. I think it makes your pics unique. Don't change it too much, kk?
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