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Damn this thing was difficult. Started it in December-something and merely now got ready. :dead:

Novel-related, but rather from the elvish mytho-reality than an actual plot point. Long ere the Dusk, the brethren Lhietd and Vhai'noch were born to King Ygh'mir. As unruly, young princelings they pursued their own adventures in many wild lands, and even arrived at (the northern) Earth, which the Rha-kan'Ockians had named halflinghome due to the quirkily pink-skinned, small-stature folk therein which yet could breed with the elvenkin. In those days odd beasts and dragons still roamed the Earth, and the brethren became the heroes and kings of the 'halflings', as they slew hideous monsters and fought enemy forces with their magic. Also, as is the nature of the G'Uhageids, they hardly could keep their fingers off the fair, soft womenfolk of the North.

Things however slowly changed. Lhietd and Vhai'noch had been the best of friends for tens of millennia and shared adventures in the weirdest corners of the fifteen spheres of the world, but the success of the previous gradually started tearing at Vhai'noch's nerves. He was the elder brother, but as Ygh'mir finally died, the kingship of Rha-kan'Ocka was granted to Lhietd. That was scarcely the whole story: Lhietd far exceeded Vhai'noch's skill in magic-wielding, not to mention his success with women. Lhietd then again bore no enmity towards his brother: as he became king over the elves, he bade Vhai'noch to remain in the court and share the riches he had collected from all over the outerland worlds.

Vhai'noch nevertheless found such settled life irritating and boring, and furthermore came to hate Lhietd's growing eccentricities, and the bad taste that manifested itself blaringly in things like architecture and color choices (Who the frag would have wanted to stay for years in a room with bright orange walls that were magickened to blink with various neon-green ornaments?) As a bonus, Lhietd's overstuffed harems were a humongous stumbling-stone. It became ever harder for him to stifle certain urges. Also women he would have liked mainly regarded him as a kind of grandfather figure due to his hair that had turned white quite early on.

Eventually the toll of jealousy caused a severe enmity to break out between the brothers. Vhai'noch journeyed back into the halflingland where he always had been the most at home, amid the wild nature and nigh-on everlasting adventures. He became the king of the North there, and tens of millennia passed without the brothers seeing one another. But neither was Vhai'noch's satisfaction in the beyondlands everlasting. Tides changed, the minds of the halflings changed, and eventually he sailed away from the halflinghome in his airborne copper skiff, sorely disappointed to life and the strivings of men.

As Vhai'noch arrived back to the elvenland as a wizened, thin sage at the mighty age of 140000, he for his horror learned that Lhietd had died twenty thousand years agone without the tidings ever reaching him. Deep down, he had never truly hated his brother, and the existence of an unsettled hostility became a great yoke on his ancient shoulders. Hence, ere he himself passed on, he made one great journey into the Underworld to seek out Lhietd in order to settle the dispute. Thereafter, for the first time in tens of millennia, Vhai'noch was able to live with a peace in his heart unto his death some decades later.

Shameless Finnish mythology spoofs here, but since nobody else does it, I can. ;P

What's in the picture:

King Lhietd sits amongst a couple of his wives in the left. He's perhaps around 40000, while Vhai'noch in the right is about 60000. He has been white-haired nonetheless ever since the current age of Lhietd. The southlander girl Khogho'llheischkg at Lhietd's feet is the foremother of Guarh's lineage. Lhietd had a particular lust for short, petite women, so he grabbed quite a few concubines and whatnot from the Earth. The girl on the foreground is some Balt, likely blonde if I ever color this. Vhai'noch doesn't enjoy one bit what he's surrounded with, while Lhietd asks him to sit down for a song.

About the horns of Lhietd's crown: he tended to add more and more of them to the headpiece as the years passed. Eventually they became so long and copious, that he got stuck to doorways and birds landed to perch on them as he walked outside.

About proportions/size: as mentioned a couple of times, the elves don't follow exactly the human proportion standard. The chick in the foreground looks already small, since Vhai'noch is 8'6" and Lhietd 8'2", far surpassing even the average height of the male elves (7 feet). The elvish girls were a bit difficult, but I have to match their body structures with those of the men somehow.

The Curse of Rha-kan'Ocka belongs to me.
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Incredible picture! Will be one of my favorites! :D
So much detailes and so great characters! :D