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A Small Family Reunion



B0rked and redundant, but I drew this mainly as a base for some Painter coloring practice. It's better to start off with familiar scenes/characters. If you mess up, it won't matter so much.

What the flying shark is going on here? Sorta hypothetical novel scene concept. Khran-Av'ees and Guarh G'Uhageid will have to descend to the Underworld at some point, unbeknownst of one another's intents. Meeting more or less ancient relatives in tricky situations is always embarrassing. Especially when Guarh finds out that hiding his family jewels into every by-passing hole in his randy youth wasn't such a brilliant idea (yes, every stupid parody needs the "NOOOOO!!! I'm not your father!!!" -moment :roll: ). Khran's more furious to king Lhietd-Lhem'meeschz G'Uhageid than anyone else, concerning that the lecherous ghost's been messing around in his slave girl's mind for who knows how long. But unfortunately you cannot behead someone who's already dead.

Hiid's about to burst with exasperation due to all the stupid fantasy clichés floating about. Two new characters in the back row are king Ygh'mir G'Uhageid the Tall (around nine feet) and his second son daik'schepp Vhai'noch G'Uhageid. Hiid's a great deal more on the foreground, since when on level, the top of her head would be around Guarh's armpit.

Also six characters in the same pic = a lot of work. Bonus: clichéd, extremely impractical fantasy clothing.

The Curse of Rha-kan'Ocka belongs to me.
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