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Sword concept

Practicing some swords =)
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Yo Zoriy, these sword designs look awesome!!! I wanted to ask if I could use one of them in a logo for a gaming team :D ? You will obv. get credits for it.
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I love the sword on the far left. Coolio
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COOOL !! Hey hey can i also make a 3D model of it ? Ill be sure to credit you :D
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Sure, use them. Good luck with modeling :-)
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I love the 1st, I like the 2nd & I hate the 3rd !!!
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Hi, I really like your design.
I would like to know I could make a 3D model of one of your weapons.
I need some good concept art to practice with.

I will credit you ofcourse.
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Hi, you can use my concepts for a 3D but of course with credit :)
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Hi, can i use this sword design as a reference for a character design?
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These are gorgeous...I absolutely love the middle one. It's got such a nice sweeping curve!
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Hello! I loved your swords concept, I based a sword shape on the middle one. Just amazing! I'll surely link your art when I post the final concept =)
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i'm guessing the 3rd sword splits into two?
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can i model them into 3d
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sure, you can model them
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Geniales las espadas!, me gustaría poder blandirlas junto al viento, las imagino hechas con ojas de platino y titanio.

Te felicito, muy bueno tu trabajo!.
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Damn those are cool!
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Доброго времени суток. Интересный концепт. :thumbsup: Я хотел бы спросить, могу я использовать один из приведенных выше мечей для создания 3д-модели?
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Да ,пожалуйста)
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А посмотреть потом что получилось можно будет?))
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Думаю, без проблем. Обучаю свою девушку :) Я дам ссылку, как будет готово.
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Fantastic work! Very nice designs! :D
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