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It's just a concept. I did it for unreleased 3d cartoon movie =)
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Hello, may I use this as a room on chats ? Credit will be given!

Great background. Was thinking of using it as the background to the scoreboard for Tyrants of the Underdark in BoardGameBuddy if that is okay. Credited of course. Here is what it would look like:

Screenshot 2020-08-02-08-56-00
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Just to let you know I used your drawing for a background in two of of drawings hope you don't mind but just in case I credited you and the two pictures are below.

King Yang and Rose by SapphireRKnight   Queen Yin and Rose by SapphireRKnight
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I used it two more times and probably four more times after this one.
Prince Senji and Rose by SapphireRKnight    Prince Ryuu and Rose by SapphireRKnight
Hi Zoriy, I would like to use your painting for my game is that okay? I will make sure to put you in the credits. 
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Awsome stuff! Nice use of colour
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Can I use some scenarios as background for some of my drawings? ^^ With credits
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Awesome work. I used to illustrate a history of mine. Here:…
With credits
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The use of light here is absolutely stunning!
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I really like this, the colors your used are beautiful, and it looked like a photo in the thumbnail O.o
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Thank you ,glad you like it :-)
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Love how you get such a 3d feeling adding only some shades and highlights :O
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Thanks, it's not very hard to do that ;-)
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It's not that easy :D
Just want to train this kind of work aswell ^^
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Keep practicing a lot and that would be easy :-)
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