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I draw Fanart, OC's, different themes and fandoms. 
Art examples (or just look in my gallery):

Headshot: $25-35 per character

    Forest Spirit by Yulita-Kript  Commission: Eshara by Zoratrix  Comm: Vosmael by Zoratrix

Halfbody: $40-50 per character
For Efua 1 by Zoratrix   Comm: Queen Star Butterfly with her baby Pandora by Zoratrix  C: Anierous Sunblade by Zoratrix  C: Ava the sorcerer by Zoratrix 

Fullbody: starts at $50
    Comm: Zackary Leingod by Zoratrix  Comm: Alleena's Legacy Forms: Moonlight by Zoratrix  C: Xaria by Zoratrix  Comm: Steffon by Zoratrix

The price for backgrounds is negotiable and depends on the difficulty and details, feel free to ask.

  • If you want to order, just send me a note with this details:

Payment methodPaypal or bank transfer;
Kind of commission: headshot, halfbody or fullbody; sketch or color;
Characters and References: How many characters and who. Already existing art/photos;
Expression/mood: If you have any wishes for it (not necessary).

  • 100% prepayment.
  • Price can be varied! — depends on the difficulty and details.
  • I own the artwork. You are not allowed to resell or alter the artwork. 
  • I'm allowed to use the artwork in my portfolio and social media.
  • Personal use. You are allowed to use artwork for avatars/icons, profile pictures, forums, print them out and hang them to your wall, etc.
Email for commissions: 

Thank you!

Tutorial Tuesday: Commissioning Do and Don'tSo I'm back at it!  The incredible amount of re-blogs and likes I've received the last few weeks on my tutorials have been overwhelming so I've returned with new tutorials!
I have a list here of at least a dozen different things I want to teach all of you, (and I'm sure that list is going to grow.)  But I thought today we'll ease into it with some of the dos and don'ts when getting a private commission from your favorite artist.
Now I should start off by saying that these are based off my own experiences.  Every artist is different and they have policies, preferences, and procedures they prefer.  So be sure to ask them how they do things so that everything goes smoothly.  In my experience though, following these guidelines will significantly increase the chances that the artwork you commission will come out amazing. So here we go!
DO: Tell the artist what you want.
This is simple but the most important.

*Note: I don't draw sex, nudity, pornogrаphy, fetish art, racism, political, religious themes. I can refuse the commission without explaining the reason.

Please keep in mind that the price can be higher if the design of your character is too complicated (includes armor, weapon, tattoos, difficult clothing details, wings; or if you send me non-visual references).
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Umeki-18 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Hi! I was wondering how much is it for two characters in one picture?

Thank you!
Zoratrix Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! It will be $25-30/ depends on the difficulty and details.
Rittik Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ой, можно, можно, можно? :la: Очень хочу продолжить серию с моими ОСшками!
Zoratrix Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Можно! В личку)
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