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Commission 0173 by Dormin-DIM
Linktober 2020 - Day 6 by Webmegami
zora squad ocs by MidnightScare2
No remorse no regrets just sorrow by Dormin-DIM
Princess Ruto, Link's Zora Waifu by Rocketeer-Raccoon
Princess ruto with shark teeth by strawbearyshortie
Fanart - Princess Ruto by Mrgametv1994
Sketch - Ruto by AK-Is-Harmless
Rutela and Ralis
Prince Ralis by clairelart
MerQueen by twinrot-arts
[P] Rutela by elufae
The Queen Who Denied the Twilight by Elstreem
Indigo-Go's and MM Zora Link
Star - Day 8 [INKTOBER 2018] by MoonCry25
Mikau (SED) by NightstandArt
At the Edge by Alding-ART
Zora Link by BaeRay
Mipha and Sidon
Mipha by Topfpflanze327
Mipha underwater by Artistfan62
Mipha Zine: Calm Waters by Anilede
The Marine Prince by krysanteemu
Other Ingame Zoras
Mermay 2020 Day 12: Laruto by JokarGirl
Daddy by TaraGraphic
Big Bad Bazz by sad4ppleart
Captain Bazz from Legend of Zelda BOTW by Chihiro-A
Zora OCs
.:Zora Babies Set 1:. Auction Closed by Anilede
Zedor hunt fish by Itzamara-kun
Chibi-er Zelda Adoptables Batch 2 - 2/3 OPEN by Havoklysm
TR: Zora Link by BlueSky-Writer
Zora Outfits
OOT Adult Link (Zora Tunic) by CamiloArts1
Gwynevere, Zara's Spirit Armor (Aftermath) by jameswallace23
If Aftermath Link Was A Zora by jameswallace23
Link [Zora Plate Armor] (Aftermath) by jameswallace23
Mixed Characters
Legend of Zelda: Mipha x Zelda by FALLEN-BEELZEBUB
Catch Of The Year by Rocketknight56
LoZ OoT oc Roland and Ruto (five more minutes) by rolandwhittingham
Sidon X Zora!Link by 5ChildrensNightmare
Water Locations
Zora's Domain by stephahaha
Linktober Day 25 Zora Domain by Kikis-Art-Journey
Zora's domain by Geborne
Zora village by ShapelyTimber
Swollen - Day 17 [INKTOBER 2020] by MoonCry25
Zora headtail / headpiece tutorial (Mipha cosplay) by Narayu
Hylian Pack by Ruirik
Mipha x zora!reader"I don't think this is a good idea, Mipha." You tell her, rubbing your arm. Mipha hugged you and replied with,"It'll be okay, y/n. I'll come back." You only looked at her with a sad look. You knew there was no way to talk her out of this."Come on, Mipha, we're going!" You heard a voice call out from nearby."Coming!" Mipha then turned to face you again and kissed your forehead."I'll be back for you, y/n, I promise." You could only watch in silence as she ran off. What you didn't know was this would be the last time you would ever see Mipha again...~Timeskip cause I can~When you found out about Mipha's death, you were upset. For a while, you even ended up blaming yourself for not stopping her that day when you had the chance. No one could get you to leave your room; you were too upset to eat or sleep, but you would eventually pass out from exhaustion. After what seemed like ages, you finally came out of your room, started eating and sleeping normally again. Though you still couldn't get Mipha out of your mind.You were currently sitting on the roof of your house, looking up at the evening sky. You sighed softly as you closed your eyes for a few moments."It's been years now, Mipha, but I still can't get you out of my mind... and I never did get to tell you how I felt towards you..." You mumbled as you opened your eyes again to see something you never thought you would see; it was Mipha. She was right there in front of you, except that she wasn't physically there, it was her spirit. You started to tear up as you looked at her spirit."M...Mipha..?" She smiled faintly and nodded."y/n... I'm sorry I didn't listen to you..""I-It's okay, Mipha. You were just trying to save everyone." Mipha nodded again and sat beside you."I'm just glad I can see you again, even if it's just one last time." You looked up at the stars."I've been meaning to tell you something...before you left... but I just couldn't bring myself to tell you...""What is it, y/n?" You sighed softly and looked at Mipha."I...I've had feelings for you, for a long time... I just wish I could've told you sooner.. then maybe you wouldn't have left...""y/n... I love you too. I was afraid to tell you how I felt, because I was afraid you didn't feel the same way.""Well... I'm glad the feeling's mutual." You smiled faintly and lie back, looking back at the stars, Mipha lying beside you. She may not be with you physically but you were going to enjoy every moment you could while she was currently with you.
Manipulations + 3D
Ruto (Adult) Model Download by Danni-H4
Zora Humor
Cute Bean vs Squid Dad by Anilede
Zora Roleplay
ROTW - Yokori by silverheck
Stamps, Avas, Wallies, ...
Zora's Domain in 8K (statue Mipha) (Zelda: BotW) by Nintendokater
Zora-inspired art
Music by Indiliel
Frosty Fishies by scowlingelf
Zora Collage
Chibi Teep (2) by GeineaLombax
Zelda comic: Sprout of Hope -4 by zelda-Freak91

Random from Featured

Ganny with Japas and Mikau by Warlord-Pickle Ganny with Japas and Mikau :iconwarlord-pickle:Warlord-Pickle 11 13 Zora with Baby by Zeldapetra Zora with Baby :iconzeldapetra:Zeldapetra 98 8 Zorababies by Zeldapetra Zorababies :iconzeldapetra:Zeldapetra 29 6 y halo thar by Chrissymo y halo thar :iconchrissymo:Chrissymo 21 2 Japas x Mikau by FoWo Japas x Mikau :iconfowo:FoWo 35 11 'JaM' SeSsIoN?-JapasxMikau- by HoplesslyBlonde 'JaM' SeSsIoN?-JapasxMikau- :iconhoplesslyblonde:HoplesslyBlonde 36 9 Japas' Lyrics Suck by FoWo Japas' Lyrics Suck :iconfowo:FoWo 21 1 Zelda: Indigo-Gos now and then by FoWo Zelda: Indigo-Gos now and then :iconfowo:FoWo 23 8 Japas by FoWo Japas :iconfowo:FoWo 18 5 Zora sketchdump by FoWo
Mature content
Zora sketchdump :iconfowo:FoWo 15 3
Who's your Daddy? by FoWo Who's your Daddy? :iconfowo:FoWo 26 5 Pixel Zora Dump by FoWo Pixel Zora Dump :iconfowo:FoWo 20 3 Love Polyhedron meme GONE ZORA by FoWo Love Polyhedron meme GONE ZORA :iconfowo:FoWo 10 4 Unter Wasser by FoWo Unter Wasser :iconfowo:FoWo 11 1 Dal-Blue, Tiefseesound! by FoWo Dal-Blue, Tiefseesound! :iconfowo:FoWo 10 0 Mating Season by FoWo Mating Season :iconfowo:FoWo 5 1








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Dear Zora Fans,
I am very sorry for being inactive lately and announce that I will continue to be less active as I used to be. However, I set the folders to auto-approve and ask everyone to mindful when submitting an artwork.
I am not completely gone and will remove artworks that don't belong in the group on a regular base. Users who take advantage of the system and those who post offending content will be simply blocked.
If you have further questions feel free to write me a note and please understand that an answer might take longer, but will eventually come :) .
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Welcome to the Zora Realm!

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: Welcome to the Zora Realm! :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:
This group is dedicated to the Zora race and everything water-related created by Shigeru Myamoto and his Legend of Zelda Team.
If you love Zoras feel free to join or watch the group, join requests are automatically approved. You don’t have to contribute art to be a member =). Also if you have Zora art feel free to share it with us even though you do not want to join :nod:.

[Zora Realm] - Big Zora Collage by Uren-Arionn

We accept
:bulletgreen: Zora art and LoZ water-related themes like water enemies, water locations, Parellas etc.
:bulletgreen: all types of medium (traditional and digital art, crafts, cosplay, manips, writings …)
:bulletgreen: Zora-related journal entries
:bulletgreen: mature content as long as the filter is on and as long as it remains tasteful

We do not accept:
:bulletred: Zora hate-art
:bulletred: pornographic and extreme fetish art (read more about the topic here: )
:bulletred: screenshots or copies of official Nintendo artworks

Group specialties
:bulletblue: Featured Folder
Every group member can select one of his/her art works to be displayed in the featured folder. Send me a note on which artwork you want to be displayed and I will move it or directly submit it to the featured folder.

:bulletblue: Group Favourites
The favourite folder will be used to appreciate group-related artwork of inactive dA-members. Once the artists become active again, their work can be moved to the regular folders.
Furthermore members can suggest group-related favourites.

:bulletblue: Zora Chibi Collage: read more about it here:…

:bulletblue: Roleplay
We have a roleplay section for people who are interested. Information on that can be read here:

:bulletblue: Our Commission Artists:

:bulletblue: Artist Features of our Contest Winners

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Looking for Zelda Roleplay? Then check out this page:


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