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Next Gen on the list

So my little break is finally over and I thought i'd just put put up this little doodle I did after the Diamond and Pearl remakes were announced for funsies. Later
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Ngl, fairly certain gen 5 remakes won't be until the third round. I think BW2 are the remakes. Either way, I mainly hope the remakes aren't terrible

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Gotta pass the time waiting for a rescue somehow.

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B&W is my favorite gen game, hope they add new thing for the remake (if one day there will be a remake) and not just copy an paste game. expect if the ost sounds more banger then the original, then I wouldn't mind. nice doodle btw.

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Same right behind RSE for me but it was fantastic. I hope they add new stuff to it too like a new area to explore or the PWT in BW1, but I'll also take just new tunes. Thank you btw
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Very nice~ ^^
I wonder why they're tied up though?
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Nintendo obviously just stuffs em in a closet til the next remake of course hehe. To be honest I dunno
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Well whoever tied them up forgot to gag them.
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Ah yes, can't wait for Light Black and Dark White.

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I wouldn't mind seeing B&W getting a remake, i actually never playing B&W 1 or 2. ^^" I just hope it doesn't follow the same chibi format... it just seems too much like a cash grab, but I'll remain optimistic

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I would love a BW remake, they're such good games. You should give them a shot if ya can. I hope it doesn't either to be honest but if it does it wouldn't be the end of the world, heck it'd just mean more cute Hilda art.
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true :nod:

Another good thing from the 2 new games is the art of smol dawn and legends dawn together, sooooo cute

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Me waiting pokemon z and pokemon delta:…
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I like that face Hilda is making

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I love this one XD Always a bright side ey Dawn? :)

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Always look at the bright side :D

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She just looks so excited while Hilda is like "If I wasn't tied up right now..."

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