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DjCarpenter delivers

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After a black theme, which was pretty but unusable in direct sunlight, I made a conversion of Dj Carpenter Lockscreen for android : [link]
It comes with an assorted SB widget (the same as here : [link] )
The LS is made to be used with Move2unlock.

Icons are Avenue-B, shrinked, but you can put big icons, it fits.
Enjoy, and criticize !
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breathless.....wow ....well done
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Tous d'abords, très beau travail ! :)

J'aimerai savoir si tu avais toujours le thème pour les icônes, car malheureusement, les liens que tu avais fournis ne sont plus disponible ... 

Merci de ta réponse, et à bientôt :)
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can someone help me?! im new to deviant...i tried downloading the zip file and opening it with ifile on my iphone! it let me open it with ifile and i moved the folder to themes. after i chose it in winterboard and resprung it didnt work?! -.- SOS PLS HELP
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MarMarBootsHobbyist Artist
While I know you made this quite some time ago, have you since thought about re-releasing it? You use a pretty unique and nice theme, but having to go download the other pieces is sometimes a hassle for some. I don't mind doing it, but there is coding available to hide the original slider that you could include with your theme coding, if i'm right. All together though, nicely done!
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how did you get the time and date to look like that?
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ow nice nice *o*

plase upload 4x4 dense you layout ? ><' please :/

I can not enjoy all this theme without dense layout 4x4 :(
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Plus one on that, need that 4x4 dense layout
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You could use the cydia app and create your own search "iconoclasm layout maker"
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How do I move the time in the LS to upper left corner ?
Thanks in advance.
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dagobert Digital Artist
How do I get rid of the reflection on the docking part and get that spacing with the icons like how it is under the 30th Monday May? I did turn hide icons reflection in springtomize however that doesn't seem to do anything.
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dagobert Digital Artist
Also forgot to mention I'm on firmware 4.3.5, could that be a reason why the reflection part won't work in springtomize?
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To answer your questions : For the reflections I have the same pb with springtomize, but I have Shrink and you can disable reflections in it.

For the icon layout : it's iconoclasm with 4*4 dense layout.
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j'ai une petite question je sais pas si tu peux m'aider, j'ai un ipod4. L'icone itunes pour le theme ne change pas, j'ai essayer de renommer ... mais je trouve pas la solution
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Euh, bonne question. :)
En plus, je ne crois pas que le nom de l'icône change avec les firmwares, donc franchement, aucune idée, désolé.
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Thank you for the best theme ever,

but please can you tell me how to change my theme, im new with this,
or please put me any link for tutorial to know how can i change my theme.

I need this perfect theme on my i phone.

thank you in advance.
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You need to search for ifile and safari download manager.
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Can anyone upload 4x4 dense?

403 Error on Cydia -.-
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How can I get the theme on my IPod? With WinSCP?

Please Help!
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I use ifile and safari download manager. You can use WinSCP also, but i strongly advise you to learn how to use ifile and SDM.
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What's the name of the Icons ? Please help me!"
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Avenue B HD
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Woops, Sd.
Hd : [link]
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