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Doom Tribute

Playing some doom 2 these days...
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woah, pain elemental with no arms

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I absolutely love this.

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Zoppy, have you ever heard of a Nephalem before?
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Sounds familiar... but I don't remember
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A Nephalem is a hybrid of both Demon and Angel, and are considered to be equally powerful than both said species. While Angels are benevolent, and Demons are malevolent, Nephalems are nowhere close to evil, nor good. Moreover, they share both powers of their parents, (both Angel and Demon) and Nephalems can outrank both said species. Their physical appearance depicts them having small horns, which is a signature feature of all Demons, and a halo. They also have an Angel, and a Demon's wings as well. Arch Nephalems (Transcendent Nephalems) DO exist in fictional media, and they are blatantly more powerful than regular Nephalems.

Here's a prime example what a Nephalem would may look like. (…)
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This is really interesting! But why are you telling me this?
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Just wanted to talk. ;)
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Oh ok! Maybe I'll do an artwork about that one day :D
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Jesus, I see you everywhere, and everything you say is "Have you ever heard of a Nephalem before"
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one of the best pices on the web, you should give him a new face though
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I will do an all new one! ;) Thanks!
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Doomguy: Gotten out of worse!
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True story! XD That would be an easy one!
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This is a very fine piece.
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Thank you very much! Meow :3 
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Doom ][ is still my favorite game.

<--- Made Shadow.WAD.
<--- Played on DWANGO.
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hopefully Doom 4 looks like this
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That pain elemental is to die for.
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yeah I wanted to give some kind of desperate feeling.
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Hi, i organized a Doom 20th Anniversary Art Tribute which will be published on [link] on the 10th December this year...exactly 20 years after the release of Doom I. 10 artists are on board of it [link] , some entries are drawn already. Would you like to join it too?
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Sure, why not? can I use also this one? Or it has to be exclusive for that event?
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Nah,entries for the art tributes, contests and projects i organize never have to be exclusive, my site is a total hobby project , about fan art and i believe that if i don't pay for something i have no right to expect it would be exclusive for that event.

This image fits totally and i hoped you would ask about it being in it already, if you want to participate with another entry in this tribute, i need to know what you want to draw since i try to avoid 10 cyber demon images in a tribute for only 20 artists :-)
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