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Cloud Brushes II



A Collab between and me

=scott5353 has provided me the photos with which I have made these brushes in Photoshop 7.

They can also be used in Photoshop CS, CS2 and CS3.

Some of the clouds are made very vague so you can click as many times as you want untill you get your clouds the way you want them. Making them this way is what I find more useful .. some are even so faint that you can use them as mist or fog.

A tip for you when you are making skies with clouds :

When I make skies with clouds .. I use many many layers to create depth - for each layer to get seen - I first put on too many clouds .. then I use the erasor with another cloud-brush and take away most of the ones I have
made .... on each layer .. often I use different colors .... mainly shades of white / grey / blue

I am obsessed with making cool skies ..... so I often use 10-15 layers of clouds ...

Have fun with them .... you can use them all you want .... the only kind of restriction I have is that you credit me with a link back to me. And add them to your fav if you like them.

Maybe note me so I can see you have used them .. and I might even comment /fav on your deviation.
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Thank you. Just what I needed