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we love zootopia the movie why not celebrate?!!!??
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A while back, I was thinking about the rejected Wilde Times draft. Considering how popular it is among the fandom, I had an idea of how to integrate it into the setting; as a prequel setting to the Zootopia we all know and love.

I'll pitch it to you.

'The city of Zootopia. City of lights, hope and the dream of becoming something better. But like many things, a bright picture just leaves a darker negative.

Experience a chapter in the city's history most folks these days pretend never happened. Before the Night Howlers. Before Officer Hopps changed everything. Before you could try everything.'


The period would resemble America during the Jim Crowe era, just with more advanced technology. Prior to the events of this prequel, coexistence between predators and prey has been around for at least 1000 years, but in different stages.

First, Predators were restricted to living in slums outside the city walls and anyone who tried to break in or leave their homes wouldn’t be seen again. (Medieval Age)

Then Predators would be allowed to live in the Outer Walls, but had segregated spots, strictly enforced curfew hours and couldn’t be seen around Prey without a muzzle and weighted chains. (‘Steampunk’ 1800s)

Finally, Predators were allowed to live in the city proper at the turn of the century, but only if they’re wearing Taming Collars and obey a strict curfew. (Early-Mid 20th Century)
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