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The Many Eyes of Trinity Blood

By Zoosteria
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I've been re-watching Trinity Blood lately, and the other night I suddenly realized, there are a lot of different eye styles in Trinity Blood. Now, some of them are because of expressions, but the artists make an effort to distinguish between the giant, child-like eyes that the younger characters have (Ion, Esther) versus the narrower eyes that the more mature (not the right word but whatever, it's 1 a.m.) characters (Abel, Caterina) have-- and then there are the super narrow, almost beady eyes that some of the antagonistic characters have. Also, ridiculously thin eyebrows! And lots of eyelashes and eye wrinkles! From what little I've seen of the manga, there is a bit more variation in the anime, but it's also been ages since I last looked at any of the manga so don't quote me on that. 

Anyway, this was supposed to just be a sketch dump page full of eyes, but then Esther showed up in the end credits and her hair was flowing all pretty-like and it was a really pretty pose so I drew it.

Trinity Blood belongs to people that are not me. Talented people. Don't sue me.

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This looks great! And I think you're right. Even the original pictures by Thores had different eyes depending on the character being drawn (Esther's were always large and Abel's always narrow...)
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Thanks! It's definitely something I've come to appreciate when watching anime- the different eye styles denoting age and personalities. It's funny, because Abel is usually such a goofy, light-hearted character, but his eyes are narrow, which serves as a reminder of the burden he carries.
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Haha, thanks! *looks at username* Nooooo! Cry forever 
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*evil laughter intensifies*