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is that a exo-skeleton for a big bug?
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very creative!!awesome!
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Your robots are always so odd an awesome.
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It just gets more entertaining the more I look at it. ^^
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I am not sure what I am looking at, but I'm sure I like it! :D
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крутяжный концепт
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:D what a crazy idea, well done!
Your robot designs are always so interesting. :) Love them!
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I want one. 0_0
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I'm looking at the off-white portion of its "head", and I'm seeing two faces: a red trapezoid-shaped, grumpy-looking face, and a black bean-shaped, baby-looking face. I can't decide which one is funnier.
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So very good. Your pieces rock man.
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So does it become a Lazer Butterfly, or, a Flamethrower Moth?
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beautiful concept! which is what fires the gun!?
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