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First Time

By zoomzoom
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Model: Angela Lopez/Sosa
Location: Cocoa, FL

The reason its called "First Time" is because it was her first shoot... (and second one for me)

More of her:
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Remarkable.  Great picture.
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hmm. thanks... It was my second photoshoot and her first. She is now semi professional model. 
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Если так дело пойдёт, ты скоро всех красивых девчонок перефоткаешь во Флориде! :D
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v sleduushu subotu Ruskuu photographiruu...
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:thumbsup::D Зачёт! =)
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Ahaaah, he also is a photographer!
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its a hobby... but i been taking it a little more serious lately.
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Love new hobbies, man.
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Nice job , i would prefer full body here , curious to see her legs and shoes
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I am still learning the angles. best ways to show the model alone with best lighting, but with her being the center of attention!
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right now you have a nice camera , keep up shooting great photos
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Wow she looks hispanic, i need to move out there :D
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she is. :D
but I think she is moving north pretty soon...
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Not to talk trash on your kickass Robocop work, but she's a helluva lot hotter than Kane, hands down.

Nice work :)
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stay tuned bro. I found a rigger for my ED209 model so I will be animating him real SOON!
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Sexy girl and sexy pose.
But maybe a little tilted at right, anyway nice shot mate.
I see u r given work at ur Nikon, well done ;)
Take care.-
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oh dude! i am so full time with it now... I am shooting new model every weekend. getting a little better at it, but still learning my camera.
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Nice one =) I just think that the light in her face don't look quite good...

But she still can call me... huaehaeuhuehu
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yea. i was shooting during the day with sky up high.. turned out its not the best time to shoot. i am still learning it...
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The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the endless skies my love.

She's gorgeous zoomzoom!
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your nick name doesn't go with your poem.. ;)
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Very nice work!

You've got some skill with lens as well as the mouse I see.
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I wouldn't call them skills... i am still pointing and shooting at this point. got a LOT to learn.
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