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Hey all! I always love to support any artists I can (and in return they are helping support the species!), so Stygian-Shade will have guesting open for as long as I can! Just a quick note about guesting:

- I will not be able to reply to every single guesting note. If your message was unreplied to, it may either be that we are full currently, or I am considering yours for later!
- If you do a flatsale (3-4 batch max!) 100% profit is yours
- If you do an auction, 90% of profit is yours, I request 10% of auction just to help me out with my sanity!

Since this is an outside of any event guesting opportunity,  I'll be looking priority at people who:
1) Haven't had a chance to guest at Stygians yet!
2) Have registered for Stygians, so I know you're at least interested in the group!
3) Have a good understanding of a digital paint program such as Photoshop/ Sai/ etc etc. You don't need to replicate my style, but I definitely am looking for your own stylistic flair!

I wont be able to get everyone, but if you're interested, feel free to note me and I'll get back to you if I have space on my schedule for you! If there's no reply for this month, feel free to try again next month too! Again, I wont be able to accept everyone who applies, it doesn't mean I do not like your art, it just comes down to timing, space, and scheduling. 

Guesting application: (PLEASE NOTE ME Zoomutt with the title "Stygian guesting application")
Samples of your gallery: A link is great!
Preferred sale: Auction or flatsale
Theme suggestion: If you have a theme suggestion! 

Thanks so much again all and thank you always for the support! 


Thu Apr 26, 2018, 9:58 PM

The Stygian Order VS Chaos event is live, and I'll be doing an advertising raffle to help promote the event! Along with scheduled auctions and flatsales, we'll also be doing a whole series of Stygian site giveaways, storylines, prompts, and minigames to give away free stuff as well! We wouldn't be able to run this event without all of you, so thank you very much for all the support!

Come join us in the event!:

{ Stygian Order vs Chaos Promo! } by Zoomutt



  • Link this journal with a quick comment about the event (or however you prefer) to either a journal entry or status update! 
  • Then, post in the comments below once done! 
  • One entry per person please! 


  • You can pick up 2 shadow tokens (just link to this advertising journal as proof)! (Or, if you're registered for the site you can go here to make a claim.)
  • And you will be entered in a raffle for the Stygian below: 

+ The Page Subspecies Stygian as shown in the graphic above
+  a Page Stygian MYO OR rebase ticket! 

Advertising will end and be raffled when event ends (May 24th) . One entry per person please! 

Nightmarebeginspromo2 by Zoomutt

The Nightmare Begins event is going strong, and with just a couple of days in + the ARPG updates I thought now is a good time have a referral promotion. I'd love all the help I can get advertising!

To enter the promotion below simply link the thumb below group in either a journal post, poll, or watch. Then, comment in a comment below a link of proof to your advertising!


  • You can pick up 2 shadow tokens (just link to this advertising journal as proof) as soon as you post a comment in this journal
  • And you will be entered in a raffle for the Stygians below:

Advertise2 by Zoomutt
A beautiful toast child created by the lovely Rapidashtrainer
WINNER IS LunarLilac !

Stygianrebaselegendary by Zoomutt
+  a legendary rebase (Divine Legendary type)!
Winner is jaywalkings

Advertising will end and be raffled end of Feb. One entry per person please!

I saw a fair bit of straggling MYOvember entries still in the MYOvember folder, so don't forget to submit your MYO to make it official here!… !

After the end of January, I will be closing all MYOvember entries, so you won't be able to submit them as an official MYO anymore when the Feb event begins. Definitely don't want to see people missing out on their hard work of getting a Stygian, so please do take the 2 minutes to make your design official! (Feel free to drop a comment below if you need any further assistance)

EXCEPTION: If you won a base transfer raffle, don't worry about submitting!

{ Stygian Advent Day 18} Skeleton Key by Zoomutt { Stygian Advent Day 19} Treasure Trap by Zoomutt { Stygian Advent Day 18} Sweet Dreams by Zoomutt

Due to the TCG STUFF starting in late January, I'd love to run a mini-event throughout all of February to release as many Stygian as possible, including a series of either auctions or flatsales by any guest artists willing to offer their lovely skills and time! You will get 100% of any profit you make from guesting + my eternal gratitude foreverrrr.

If you are interested, and feel like you can finish a piece by the end of January, feel free to drop a comment using the form below and I will note you! If I do not pick you this time, it may also be because I want to split up different guests into two events, hope that makes sense ;; <33

Guests will have access to all common-rare traits + common-rare species, see the images below (hopefully this helps with inspiration too!) I think I'm looking a few guests for this round, the only requirement is that you know how to paint on a digital program!

I WILL CLOSE THIS JAN 10th OR IF I FIND ENOUGH WILLING BODIES feel free to recommend this to your friends, thank you for looking in ;; <33



Flatsale or auction? (Flatsale you can do up to 4, auction is 1 per, you price it )
Subspecies you're interested in (optional) Feel free to list them, it will help me tally to see what people like making!

As promised, opening 5 esk pixel commissions! They are 25 each (+5 for complex ones such as trees, etc), and come with a simple animation (due to time constraints, they will be my "artists" choice @ animation, and most likely involve nature features/ fur tufts ruffling in the wind). If you don't want the simple animation, it's -$5 for the pixels. They'll look like the samples above and you may also request sizing (ie: greater than 100 pixels, less than, or if you really want, icon sized).

Existing owed esk pixel progress:

- Bluebird (free) - (waiting on animation)
- Woof (free) -(waiting on animation)
- chartermark (paid)-  (waiting on animation)

5 slots are open. MAX 1 Esk order per person!
1. blueberrygoblin - PAID
2. rejamrejam - PAID
3. astrapocalypse - PAID
4. cjr09 
5. mawbit - PAID
6. pepperfsh - PAID
7. Karijinni - PAID

1. Meroviathan
2. AliLV
3. ToxicPinku
4. quazeera
5. Grapevie
6. sealle
(No more waitlist past this point please!)

Just a note the LAST CALL deadline for all entries is Dec 5th (extended from Nov 30th)! If you have any extenuating circumstances and need a couple of extra days on top, I can arrange this as long as you submit a wip and note me regarding the wip! Thanks so much everyone who entered - and a reminder that indeed, you KEEP whatever you submit (limit one per person!)


Fri Nov 10, 2017, 1:13 PM
Just a handy link of all winning links! Definitely check your comments to see if you won a bonus prize too @ Bazaar plush candygrams for Stygian! Thanks again to all who entered!

:star: { Guest Stygian } Candygram Prizes!

Be sure to check in November for something big in the works @ Stygian!

{ Stygian Nightmarefest Ongoing! }

Tue Sep 26, 2017, 5:00 PM


Nightmaretoken by Zoomutt

You can use these tokens from HALLOWEEN EVENTS to buy such things as:

Potion Recolour by Zoomutt Potion Multipleeyes by Zoomutt Potion Glowingeye by Zoomutt Potion Scales by Zoomutt Token Myo Rare by Zoomutt

FREE Stygian rebase tickets, breeding slot redeem, potions to change traits on your Stygian (a variety of traits), MYO tickets, custom shadow-weaving forms, and so, so much more!

Also check out the rest of the advent here!

Just a personal checker worklist - as is getting a little out of hand, because I really don't want to forget anyone - If I owe you anything on DA promised please do drop a note in the comments below!

  • Terrarium Pixels (inhereisatragedy, Cepphiro, Lilwolfpard)
  • Tori x2 custom terrarium pixel!
  • Art trade Zyphiris (Esk!)


  • Misc pixels (bluebird)
  • YCH/ MYO paca (Lilkyubee, inhereisatragedy) [ Progress 50% ]
  • ienzhyre KIRIBAN PIXEL

STYGIAN-SHADE WORKLIST (ranked by priority / when won)


  • Terrarium waitlist!

Personal MYOS:

Ahh thank you guys for 100, 000 pageviews soon! If you manage to get the screenshot and note me as proof of your 100,000th view screenshot you can win either(within a reasonable time period):

1) Semi-custom tea Stygian (pick a tea!) Like 1-3 from:



2) Esk Pixel (specifically Esk since I'm collecting points SLOOOWLY atm)+ (I pick animation though!)

{ Pixel } Theodosia by Zoomutt

Thank you all so much for the support ;; <33


CONGRATS mienzhyre! Please note me what you'd like ahh *_*
[i]: sprout pixel Zoomutt[i]: sprout pixel 

[i]: sprout pixel Player level: Nature spirit (4000) [i]: sprout pixel

 Aura Points: 8608

[i]: sprout pixel[i]: sprout pixel C h a r a c t e r s [i]: sprout pixel[i]: sprout pixel
Click thumbnails for biographies.

Creation - 034

FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE: { TWWM } Character Tracker (Creation)
Boundary: Woods
Biome: Forest

Summer- 209

FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE: { TWWM } Character Tracker (Summer)
Boundary: Streamside
Biome: Fresh Waters

Wish- 382

FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE: { TWWM } Character Tracker (Wish)
Boundary: Winter Cottage
Biome: Polar


Gogma (Gog) - 509

FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE: { TWWM } Character Tracker (Gogma)
Boundary: Hot Springs
Biome: Developed


Stinky - 618 

618 by Esk-Masterlist
FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE: { TWWM } Character Tracker (618)
Boundary: Rainforest
Biome: Forest


Lemonbalm - 621

621 by Esk-Masterlist
FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE:  { TWWM } Character Tracker (621)
Boundary: Bamboo Thicket
Biome: Forest


Millions - 1064

1064 by Esk-Masterlist
FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE:  { TWWM } Character Tracker (Millions)
Boundary: Forest Greenhouse
Biome: Forest


Circe - 1378

1378 by Esk-Masterlist
FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE: { TWWM } Character Tracker (1378)
Boundary: Isolated Beach
Biome: Marine


King Durio - 1350

1530 by Esk-Masterlist
FULL GALLERY + INFO HERE: { TWWM } Character Tracker (1530)
Boundary: Commercial fruit grove
Biome: Developed



*(all esk separated here:


Commissioned Work:


    Just doing quick pixel commissions to try and earn some monies! Basically, you get the pixel, as seen ref below, and if you'd like, you can ask for it to be "certed" onto one of the terrariums for free!


{ Pixel Terrarium } Konpei by Zoomutt

Pricing (pixel sprite):

Sprite Sample

$15 base price
+$5 for light animation (ie: blinking or ear twitch your pick, shows up in terrarium)
+ $5 if COMPLEX in design. (ie: super long for, huge wings, huge tails, etc EXAMPLE: HERE )
+ FREE to get it certed on a terrarium (see below for information, as certain adoptables are on certain ones). You will get a copy of everything, the certed and noncerted version.

  Ordering information:
+ Just leave a comment below and I'll note you!
+ Please also fill out this form once I note you in the reply note!
  • ANIMATION: Y/N (see above for animation pricing)

NEW: To make things easier, you can pick any terrarium for your pet!

  1. - (Zen Garden Terrarium )
  2. - (Tropical Island Terrarium )
  3. - (Default Terrarium Pick the crystal colour ie: red, purple, blue, teal - All species)
  4. - (Water Terrarium - made by the lovely Khel for use - All species)
  5. - (Ice Terrarium - made by the lovely Khel for use - All species)

 - CLOSED FOR NOW ;; I'll have slots open again + waitlist when I'm cleared this batch, thank you so much for your interest T_T


- Astra (Pending)

 super extra thank you to :iconsordid-dessert: for letting me use the lovely water and ice terrariums!
Thank you so much for dropping by!

Doing a raffle for a free semi-custom shipping stygian!  Please read the rules below! You can gift it to a friend or keep it yourself. Raffle ends in 48H from this post!

You get to pick:
- 2 marking colours + 1 base colour!
- Tiny little bottle edits
- A ship theme name for it (optional)
-Antlers or no antlers!
- Comes with base nonedited version as well!

Ticket tally: (Just post in comments to collect tickets!)
+1 ticket for joining the group :iconstygian-shade: (or if you already joined it!)
+1 ticket if you advertise on your journal (just link!)

Thanks for checking this out!
Other than KH2 (and thank god I finally finished it, though attempting to try it on Proud mode is turning out to be a tougher issue than I thought) and the massive amount of WIPs/art trades I owe, I have converted again to playing Gaia!

Still a Neo browser, but overly overly steamed that you can now only enter pets on your main account (*sniffles* And I painted Ansem royal and everything and would have loved to enter him along with PQ's Xemnas)

Btw since I <3 the DA artists around here, I'm putting my white krawk Sethit up for adoption. Yes this is due to space issues, and this is the only krawk I have so I'm not letting him go easy XD; Not sure quite yet what I want as an 'application', probably a picture would be fine.

Hopefully when I get back I'll be able to spam more pokemon art, more freaky poke cosplays.. and ... I swear I'll attempt human art one day.. (hahanothx I appreciate my friends enough not to make them gouge their eyes out when they see my febile human attempts).

:D And on a totally random note, has anyone else seen/heard the new dubbed AC voices? Barret's dubbed voice makes me want to cry, Cloud(o) sounds like some valley boi teen (and thus has a vocabulary consisting of 'like' 'shut up' and other oddities like that), and Cid.. wel... ._. poor Cid. I knew him well.
Okay... yeah... the reason I just havent been extremely active on DA is because my Kingdom Hearts 2 showed up. Or rather I got a copy, and I have been pretty much playing it nonstop.

This game is EXTREMELY ADDICTING. WARNING: Do not buy a copy of it unless you know you  have time to play it. *dies*

Work in progress:

- Gemini for :iconsouldestroyer: (20%)
- Articuno art trade with :iconalbinoshadow: (10% - only sketch! *gonk*)
- Art kiriban request for :iconthe-kurisutaru: (10%, sketch only)

Thankfully I did some pokemon art. I'll be putting it up in a bit. Whee *flops over, super tired*