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{ STYGIAN } Legendary Stygian /Traits + NEW!



On rare occasions, a Legendary Stygian is created, one created or melded from a branch of nightmare directly. They come in three different types, and maintain mastery over a specific domain.

Adding a legendary trait (potion) to your regular Stygian makes them a "demi-god" subspecies, not Legendary subspecies. Legendary subspecies are a subspecies category of their own.

{ SITE INFO}  For more details about each trait, please go here.
{ POTION PURCHASE INFOYou can also purchase certain legendary potions on our site potions store here

  • { Object Head Potion}  Gives a floating "object head" that replaces the Stygian's normal head. Cannot be an actual creature's head such as a dragon head or cat head (though you're free to use a bird or dragon skeleton for example). Must be notably "different" from the body, be it floating, or a different material from the body, or severed in some way. 
  • { Shape Changer Potion}  Allows for unusual traits not listed as an existing potion. Cannot mimic any existing regular, legendary, or Gen2 traits (ie back wings are back wings, and not shape changer). Cannot use this to mimic any existing subspecies if it is not that one already, and must keep the Stygian still "Stygian" shaped. Cannot modify back legs (front legs are okay). Can only modify 25% or less of the body, not including any part of the head. 
  • { Fragmented Body Potion}  Allows your Stygian's entire appearance take on a fragmented look, like a mirror that was just broken.
  • { Dream and Nightmare Potion}  Allows the Stygian one dream, and one nightmare form. A nightmare form is their original form, and their dream form is their original form, with different markings and/or colours. You cannot change up the traits of their dream vs nightmare form, but you can modify light accessories and light body foliage, as well as change the hair slightly. 
  • { Multiple wings Potion}  Gives your Stygian multiple pairs of wings, they can be mismatched. Max 6 pairs on a Stygian this way! 
  • { Ghost Potion}  Gives your Stygian the ability to turn invisible save a ghosty wisp above their head at all times (they can also phase through things!)

Also check out the traits and subspecies info below!
{ STYGIAN } Stygian Subspecies! + height chart! by Zoomutt { STYGIAN } Traits and Potions! by Zoomutt

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