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I do not dm about resells
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OFFICIAL DA USERNAME: Zoomutt OFFICIAL TOYHOUSE SN: Zoobey OFFICIAL DISCORD SN: Zoobey I DO NOT GO BY ANY OTHER USERNAMES FOR THE ABOVE AND WILL NEVER DM ABOUT RESELLS EVER (I also do not dm about individual sales unless it is confirmed by me you won a sale) Hey all! Recently there have been accounts impersonating me dming for resells. First of all, I will never dm about Stygian resells, ever. All sales are done through my official DA (zoomutt.deviantart.com). If you do not know if it is a scam, make sure to click on the username and see if the gallery looks valid via: pageviews, uploads, favourites, etc. Feel free to use the link above to see if it is valid. I also wanted to make this journal to address what you should do if you HAVE been scammed: VIA PAYPAL: First, report them for scamming by providing screenshots and showing that a scammer gave you a false account (screenshot their fake discord as needed) and report here
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