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I do not dm about resells
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EDIT: Just a note I've gotten a few notifications I am being impersonated on Discord too. I do not join random adopts/adjacent servers to advertise or sell/trade anything. If you see any suspicious activity from impersonations (usually they'll try to use my DA username "Zoomutt####"which I do not use as my Discord username ID) Hey all! Recently there have been accounts impersonating me dming for resells. First of all, I will never dm about Stygian resells, ever. All sales are done through my official DA (zoomutt.deviantart.com). If you do not know if it is a scam, make sure to click on the username and see if the gallery looks valid via: pageviews, uploads, favourites, etc. Feel free to use the link above to see if it is valid. I also wanted to make this journal to address what you should do if you HAVE been scammed: VIA PAYPAL: First, report them for scamming by providing screenshots and showing that a scammer gave you a false account (screenshot their fake discord as needed)
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