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First off, I did something for everyone who watches me, just a thankyou for all the favs and support and the new watches. For the future.

But I also need to ask a favour. I have been nominated for an award on from Mutant-Knight I have to collect recommendations from my viewers.

Okay.. "The recommendations must say how your arts have inspired them or help them in improving themselves"

Hear that! Post a link to one or more of my art that has inspired or helped to improve yourself, and please write a little bit. Thank you to everyone again.

Love to all

Here is what OutLooker said. Just to kick start things. He noted me, thanks OutLooker

"Hi there...

Your artwork is amazing. Simply put. That's it. Amazing. I can try to make up more adjectives to classify it, but they would all fall short to the real value of your artwork. I mean, if you look at pieces like Paint on card or www.deviantart.com/deviation/3…" "Hijack" or even www.deviantart.com/deviation/3… "One"
...I lost count to the number of favourites I gave. The colours you put in your work leaves anyone speachless. It influenced even a black and white fan like me... It changed the way I make my deviations... It changed the way I see other people's works... It gave me a whole new notion on the colours and their use. I notice the colours much more on a artwork thanks to you.

For that and for your magnificent work, I thank you. :)"

Thats awesome, and motivates me. Okay, help me out? Thanks guys. Oh I didnt mention, I will randomly be drawing and painting things for people who particpate in this, soon. Just to say thanks.

<a href=><img src="img302.imageshack.us/img302/51…" border="0" width="300"  />
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Needless to say, I love your work :) Its amazing colour, its motion, its dynamics truly reflect upon an interesting aspect of the mind, and it pleases me to see your motivation :D I can say I am glad to allow all these people to view your work, because it truly deserves it. It has emotion, power... what you will. Chaos, order, light, dark... contrasts and compliments that can hardly describe your unique style :) Colours, too. Amazing use of colour, letting it blend or separate depending on the piece is truly a strength of yours, exemplified in one. It gives me energy to do and do something; It (one) would be a wonderful bookmark, because it keeps me going. It would remind me that something needs to be done, and that's how it changes my view on things :)

Hope it helps :wave:
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Darn: it didn't......so try again:




Sorry for the mucking around!
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I have been inspired by your whole gallery as it contains so many unique works and I particularly like the elegance and, often, simplicity of style that indicates an artist of great talent. The following three are particularly wonderful, in my opinion:


Hope that linking worked!
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Hello Zoomrhy

I may only be a recent watcher, but I sit in awe everytime you post some new work. I feel your works combine the Digital with the Analogue, something I have been trying to achieve but with no success like you own. "Shock and awe. April 1." [link] is a good example. It combines graphic styles, the line, shape, colour and depth of digital works, be that of Vector, 3D, Air Brushing etc, but with the true artistic quality and realism of an analogue piece.

Basically I love your works, :lol: everything about them, the colour, mood, message. Exquisite! I hope to see more of them and get to know more about you.

I leave in awe again.
- Devo

(If only I could express this as nicely as you do through your works)
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gratz =)
[link] inpsired me to break the plane of 2d drawing. i just can't take my eyes off it : )
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I got confused and posted this to my journal as a plug in general. Pasted it here so you can have more warm fuzzies (because you totally deserve them).

"Zoomrhy's an awesome guy, and an awesome artist. I've had to stop adding his artwork as my favourites, or else I'd have all my favourite gallery being his stuff.

It's actually his personality, from what conversations I've had with him that have inspired me. From living in the big dehumanizing city I've been really de-sensitized to people lately, and this excellent fellow just with his friendliness has made me feel a whole lot better about people in general.

Now, as for his work, his use of colour is fantastic. An excellent example of this is
[link] Water Reflect, or Spire [link] His work with ethereal subject matter is what first drew me in. My favourite for a combination of both reasons is still Parasite Green [link]

Not only is Zoomrhy an excellent artist who uses colour boldy and appropriately, he is also rather prolific, coming out with at least one new piece ever couple days. This is possibly the most inspiring thing about him to me. It reminds me every time I get a DA announcement about his work, that I should be working on my own art aswell. It's like jogging class.. but for art. "
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ok, I only discovered your work a few days ago, and this is the one that caught my eye [link] but frankly all of them I would post as a link here if I could...anyway, I suppose what inspires me about your work is the loose colour, the loose shapes and forms, as someone who generally does art in a very controlled manner, I think seeing your style really encourages me to loosen up and let the viewers eye see what it wants to see. I love how your work (to me anyway) doesnt seem to be of anything in particular but its up to the viewer to take what they want out of it. I dunno its difficult to explain, but the combination of lovely colours and textures and stuff really work well and are really refreshing to see.
hope this makes some kind of sense!
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Jez! Thankyou, you dont know how much this means to me!
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Lets see.

Your work has inspired me to try new things when it comes to patterns, colors and textures. I usually prefer to stay with the same color scheme, which is usually between different shades of blue, red and just plain black. When I first looked at [link] and [link] it really got me motivated to mix my 3D work and make it into something thats vibrant yet mellow, which is basicly me lol. The different contrast of colors you use really keep my eyes staring at the piece, finding more details that I have never seen before.

As I look further into your recent artwork, for example: [link] [link] and [link] I find myself realizing that I should doing art out of just loving it, rather then to impress, which I have been doing lately. Your artwork has really brought back the happiness and freedom I used to feel for doing art, and has made me spend more time trying to work on small and large details to make the art I do feel more complete in my eyes.

Thanks man, I hope this helps.
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Thanks, I love hearing this makes me want to make so much.
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First and foremost, your work has inspired me to reexamine (and expand) my use of color. My tastes in color run to muted colors, or even black-and-white or duotone pictures. If I use strong color, it's usually dark jewel tones. And I use one color that dominates the feel of the picture, or a set of similar colors that blend together. I love the way you use multiple colors, mixing brights in your pictures. And I especially adore how you use bright colors and dark colors to create high contrast pictures without the use of lots of black and white. I love your bright and dark colors together. Examples: /www.deviantart.com/deviation/33223180/ , [link] , [link] , [link] . The mood is quite cheerful while the picture itself might be sad or morbid. And I love it. You've inspired me to start working with more color, especially vivid color, something I have avoided in the past because I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

Your delicate patterns fascinate the eye. I love the detail in your work: [link] , [link] . I've always used obvious patterns, now I'm going to go for the subtle details. I'm going to try to include more small visual details like this in my picture - not digitally added, but presented in the photograph. Small objects that you have to really look to see, things that make you feel like you've found a treasure when you finally see them.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you so much, this really motivates me.
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You're much welcome :D

Just keep up the awesome work :P
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