Competition - Code clouds book

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Competition - Code clouds book.

Okay easy. I have a artbook (code clouds) that I am releasing soon, it will have a print run of roughly 60 and signed. It will be thermal bound, and be A3 size, with 10 colour prints. Cost will be $70 AUD. I should break even with that. But that is subject to change. I need pre orders to get printing going, the release date is August 20th. Now I will be giving away 2 books to you guys because you are all so lovely. I need one thing though. Publicity. To get a free book, including post you need to advertise this book, you can print off my images, show them to friends, put up a store in the streets, send me a photo with you advertising my book, be creative ( we are on an arts site ). You will be judged on you creativity, your skill and who many pre-orders I get.

Here is three color pages.
<img src="…"/a>

And here is 9 Colour prints that will be featured in the book.…

Good luck to everyone. If you would like to preorder yourself, or need contact information for the competition my email is I will be able to ship to the world and postage shoudntt be too much.
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Your artwork is as awesome as it always has been... so I'm sure you won't have any problems selling the books... In fact... the main problem will be making enough of them :P

Best of lucks :D