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Shock and awe. April 1.

By Zoomrhy
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Shock and awe gallery - April 1.

Warned. Intense images that may disturb some viewers.
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Fucking stunning.

Love every last bit of this piece.

:+fav: times like... a million! =D
KuRAau's avatar
love the texture ;)
very nice
KatiBear's avatar
Hello :hug:

I featured you in this news article here: '55 Emotions and Feelings'

Thank you for creating such wonderful work :)
Akalla's avatar
beautiful colours .... and you can spend ages looking at it, with always new things catching your attention =)

looks like she (?) is just getting blasted by an explosion behind her (well, thats what i would associate it with) .... the pic sums the link you provided up well

ace work, a 110% :+fav: and a :+devwatch:

oh, and what size is it ?
Zoomrhy's avatar
tad smaller than A3. And thanks heaps.
d-mikelson's avatar
welcome to the cirque...................
lot of fantasy in that
ImmenseDream's avatar
you are quite the artist

....what an awkward saying. but still very well done.
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Is the April 1st significant...I mean, April Fools. Is this piece actually about Happyness and Puppies, maybe? :P
Zoomrhy's avatar
Well no, its in the gallery at that shock and awe site. I didnt want to link straight to it, because its a little graphic. Plus it plays on that irony of april fools. Hi Trav!
Darktail's avatar
Irony is always great. Just ask Alanis.
Hi Rhy!
agentmothman's avatar
Amazing. Nice work.
Zoomrhy's avatar
Thanks agent, you been here from the start thanks for sticking by.
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peterpanda's avatar
thats really awesome... what types of media did you use on it?
Zoomrhy's avatar
watercolor + finerliner + oils + some other paint, I just had a pot full of stuff, i had to wait ages for stuff to dry, and i had to work lots back into it digitally because I cant take photos very well.
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you´re welcome
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All your work is brilliant!
Zoomrhy's avatar
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Amazing! i love that! =)
Zoomrhy's avatar
Yo fanshang! Thanks a bunch.
suckcess's avatar
what are you using for these mixed media pieces, uriah?
some of it looks like watercolour and fineliner?
they look amazing.
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