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Send me letters. I love mail. Handwritten and scented. Who agrees?
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i agree
very nice piece
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Love it. Really <3

Anyway, handwritten letters seem they've disappeared... so sad. i love them, even more because i only recieve 2 or 3.
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It's odd you should mention letters. I recently re-read my collection of letters going back decades and thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the memories of people and events. Somehow they're more meaningful than email, for example, because the more of the person is in them. Recently a cousin sent me about 20 years worth of letters written by my father and which our grandmother had kept... my father died four years ago and my grandmother about 30 years ago, so it is quite a revelation to read them....a bit like having a conversation with my father ...weird I know, but that's what it feels like.
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I DO! I love to get mail! I can only handle the scented ones for so long till I get a headache.
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Letters! Yay. Okay, in all seriousness now.. This is really nice. The contrast, the texture, and of course the letters are all awesome :D ...
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A very pleasing piece to view. I love the colours. Shame its not wallpaper size, it would look great on my comp. :D
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alphabets running into flame like clouds O_O
i love how dynamic and conceptual your pieces are :heart:

i love handwritten mails too, and i even love unscented ones ; )
gimme your mail address if you want me to send you one XD
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Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'd say you're the best artist I've seen on dA. <3 it.
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Creative idea. :)
I like the colours.
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