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Seattle Post Apocalypse: Matte Painting Art

I have done this matte painting a long time ago for a TV commercial to the audience of 750,000.

(There is no use of 3D,It is 100% done in photoshop).

Note:All the photo references which has been used in this work are the property of bdbros.

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First of all, I would like to say that this is very well done. I mean this was done completely from scratch, not a single hint of photomanipulation. I really like the technique used for this drawing, this looks very realistic. I really like how the Space Needle looks, and the details are just downright awesome. I really like how the bridge was done, truly amazing. Lastly the shading and the lighting is fantastic. This artist really put a lot of effort into this and truly deserves the faves it received. All in all, this is definitely worth faving. XD
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Is there a higher resolution so i can use it as a wallpaper? This is amazing btw ;)
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NOOOOO! My home turf! Space Needle! Pioneer Square! All the Starbucks! GONE!Waaaah! 
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wait!? SO That's where i'm planning to move looks like? I thought Seattle was clean and progressive but that just looks like Detroit 2.0! 
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charme effrayant...!!!!
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Outstanding work.
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:onfire: ... excellent work!
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Bet there is at least one Starbucks still open.  ;)
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Yeah,instead of sugar you can use black ashes;)
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And you have to get past the Starbucks Zombies!  ;)
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cool avatar,is that your own work:)
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No, I can't do any graphical art at all, I'm a writer.

It is from an old SNES game.
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great work, i love it :love:
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:omg:... Oh my god... this is truely unbelievable. This is just incrediable. I just LOVE it. You have talent. Well done :thumbsup: :)
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Forgive me for spelling incredible wrong :P :ashamed:
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Suuper Cloud Effects And Small Dust Particles. Continue Your Journey
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The artistic merit is obvious and the level of detail fantastic. My only objection is one of a technical nature, as my gut instinct tells me that if the Space Needle were to bend in the manner portrayed, it would be beyond its center of gravity. Thus, the picture must be a snapshot of the structure in the instant of complete collapse.

Maybe you've done further research and determined this not to be true, but without knowing the physics behind it, the aberrant stillness of what my mind tells me should be a body in motion does tend to capture my eye and detract from the rest of this otherwise incredible scene.
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great atmosphere!
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This is the second paining I've seen of Seattle in ruin :( I;d like to see one where its not destroyed maybe a futuristic Seattle thats flourishing.
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