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just chillin by Shippochan1000
Meekat Cuteness by Headphones-SFMs
Flamingo II by PaigeMillsArt
silent observer by MT-Photografien
Photo of the Week
Lynx Model by Saromei
Security by AF--Photography
young caracal by morho
Symmetric by Selene-Emotion
Staff Choice
Clouded Leopard by King-Dolphin
Sibling fight by Tiefenschaerfe
I Need A Hug by IrishGirl72
Can you believe the latest rumours I heard by wolfenphotography
Primate by superpower-pnut
Good Grazing. by Rabid-Coot
Wheeee Fun! by superpower-pnut
Reading The Leaves. by Rabid-Coot
America, North and South
Scram or We'll Kill You by superpower-pnut
Curls by superpower-pnut
Tapir Tasties. by Rabid-Coot
What Was That?! by superpower-pnut
Animal Bloopers
Yummy! by Seb-Photos
Just Hanging Around by SilkenWinds
Turtles by Roky320
Hiding by Jaded-Night
The Photogenic One by Mouselemur
arctic fox portrait by morho
Freezing With A Chance of Bear by Lon3NightWolf
Polar Bear Erik by SSJGarfield
Visayan warty pig by artbyjrc
Pose1 by superpower-pnut
Weatherproof. by Rabid-Coot
Leopard by artbyjrc
Plump And Ripe. by Rabid-Coot
Pink-eared duck by artbyjrc
Pose by Cololourful
Marsupialia by Erdbeerstern
Ribbit by MonsterBrand
Bumblebee Frog by superpower-pnut
Green And Yellow by superpower-pnut
Panamanian Golden Frog by CylindricalFawn
Banteng Calf by kaenguruu
Its The Green-eyed Lover. by Rabid-Coot
Maned Wolf by kaenguruu
Endangered Animals
Bubmlbee Toad by superpower-pnut
The tale of the owl by Erdbeerstern
Even-toed ungulates
Chewing by Hansmar
Boring rain by Hansmar
Flying Animals
Dragonfly by WeirdFishPhotography
Milu deer by Triumfa
Marine Animals
Sea Lion Tricks by WeirdFishPhotography
Neutral Colours
Crocodile Eye by Jaavii
Odd Mammals
You're world in my eye by MaresaSinclair
Odd-toed ungulates
Rotterdam Zoo - Mother and daughter by SSJGarfield
Ursus arctos by hallanarka
Waiting 2 by BazarDeLaNature
Primary Colours
Scarlet Ibis by SarahVlad
Every Lemur Is An Island. by Rabid-Coot
Western Bearded Anole by kaenguruu

Submission Rules

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You may submit 2 photos per week into the monthly theme and 1 photo per week into the Featured folder. Read the submission rules in the galleries to make sure your photo qualifies.

Here is how to submit a photo properly:
1. Join the club as a member.
2. Click the Gallery link on the side menu
3. Scroll down to find the current Theme folder.
4. Click the + sign and select Contribute an Existing Deviation...
5. Pick your photo, and you're set!






Head Admin


Admin Team


Hi everyone :wave:

It's been a while (a long while) since we last wrote a journal and I apologize for that. We're just two active admins here which is how I'll come to the first point of business:

:star: We're looking for admins to join our team :star:
Zoo-photographers once was *the* group you'd join if you were a zoo photographer. Since there are actually a lot of zoo photographers in the DA community, I hope one of you would be interested in joining our (now) small-scale group in the backroom and keep things running and maybe make the group more active again :)
If you're interested in the position of admin, please send me or the group a note :aww:

:star: New Folders Open :star:
The moment where you've all been waiting for: I've switched up the open folders. Instead of animal species, we're focusing back on continents.
It's really important that you actually know where the zoo animal you've photographed actually comes from; if a photo is submitted to the wrong folder, it won't be accepted.

:star: The group :star:
Please keep in mind that the group is focused on zoo photography only. This means your photo must be taken at a zoo, of an animal that is included in the zoo's collection. If your photo wasn't taken at a zoo, we won't be able to accept it.
On that note, it really helps if you've included the zoo you've taken your photo in your deviation tite, description or tags. If it's unclear whether your photo was taken at a zoo, we'll ask you first before a decision is made ;)

If you have any questions, check the group wall to see if you can't find answer there. If it's not mentioned on the wall, don't hesitate to ask - we'll do our best to answer you :aww:
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Orphydian Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Our brand-new group has a certain affinity with your group scope. Ofc there is a lot of filtering and selection going on like there should be on any group. We kindly ask to affiliate with you.

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PaigeMillsArt Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank You (16) for the add! Butterfly  
DPasschier Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2018   General Artist
Is this group dead? I hope not :(
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AnimalPhotographer Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Any Themes for this month or just submit to anything that's open right now? Waaaah! 
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AveragePhotographer Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
As I learned the hard way, my photos do not belong here so I will be leaving the group. 
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