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twin and boy

novel cover commission

the left is unused version
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นิยายเรื่องนี้เราก็มี O[]O
วาดได้แจ๋วมากกกกก TWT
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This is really good :D The boy is a bishi and the twins are cute!
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Love the girls clothes!!!
XxRainingDazzlezxX's avatar
love triangle! =D
lovely colors! n_n
kittytsukasa's avatar
For a novel?

I like the cover, it makes me want to read it.
AyaNyu's avatar
The girls are pretty :drool: The boy in the right side is better...
darktearsandanime219's avatar
what's the novel that you did this for ?
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I do prefer the right. Its pretty and I have a character that looks like that boy. Its lovely.
eitho's avatar
woa~ What's the novel all about? :heart:
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fresh feelings.u drew the twins alike as they should be.XD
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(I saw this earlier, so I'm a bit late in commenting *was busy*)

I really like the final version on the Right the best of both <3 and I can see why it got chosen instead of the other composition~

-seriously, if you had a poster or wall scroll of the image on the right available for purchase (for interested customers all over the world~) I'd want to buy one (yes, it is THAT pretty:heart:~)

Thank you for sharing!~ <3

([oh] heart of mine, please become kinder and truly pure... )
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Very pretty. I like the colours.
kinky-angel's avatar
I love your stuff, Zoo-chan! ^^
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0_0 soo pretty!! i like it!
ussachan's avatar
oh so cute the girls!! >w<
Sagakure's avatar
Wonderful pics and wonderful coloring.
A pity the left was unused, I like it better than the right, but I see the balance is kinda better in the right... *clings to shirt of the left version, loves both* X3 :+fav:
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:heart: really pretty!!
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I. . . I. . . I love the twins DX XDD Awesome covers~ :D
PoosAngel1's avatar
Excellent! Keep up the great work!
KittyOfFandomDoom's avatar
Aira: so much cute, it could kill!
Wings-of-Color's avatar
very nice colors. soft and yet fun at the same time.
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