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Console Concept Render 1

By Zonuz
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I finally finished what I thought would become an abandoned project.
The idea was sparked from Alienware Alpha, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
Some of the materials doesn't shine through in this render, but I'm happy with it anyway.
Any thoughts and constructive critique is appreciated.  

More renders to come!

Made from the bottom-up with Blender.

This is rendered from the front, click below to view it from another angle.

Front: (Currently Viewing)

Left: zonuz.deviantart.com/art/Conso…

Right: zonuz.deviantart.com/art/Conso…

Back: zonuz.deviantart.com/art/Conso…
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is the button a wave your finger in front of or a push button as well as is the disk tray like the ps3 where it slides in?
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It's a push button. :D
The sensor required to have a "wave-at" system would have to be ridiculously accurate and only respond at VERY close range. These are things that are either currently non-existent or costs a fortune to manufacturer. :D
It would be awesome with that system though! :D 
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oh yes well you did a great job =)
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Thanks you! :D
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It looks like it would be a bit bulky IRL compared to other consoles. Make it a bit thinner, that's my suggestion.
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Sadly I had to make it bulky, since I'm currently planning on making it IRL, and if I could, I would. :D
But I'll make sure to take note of that next time I decide to make something like this.
And thanks for the suggestion! :D
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What I meant was that it just seemed a bit big for a console these days. You're welcome, and I'll sign up for a beta program if you do end up making one XD
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Yeah I get you :D

I don't plan on mass production lol xD just 5 perhaps. :D
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Just enough for a LAN party XD
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