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Amare (Chibi/pixel) by Reniei
Lovebirds (pagedoll) by Reniei
-Made by the amazing Reni~!

Hey everyone ^^ My name is Bronte, but you can call me whatever you want, Zonti, Zontickles, Zontels (thanks Crim~) just to name a few XD I really don't mind, just the other day I was called Zontonno :3

I am a HUGE fan of fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk, to be the top 3. I enjoy story telling, weather through written pieces or art. I love dancing, music and obviously art!! I want to get as good as I can because drawing is what I enjoy. I hope the people who look at my drawings like what they see!!!!

I am an Undertale and MY Little Pony fan! And always will be~ But despite my gallery containing lots of UT and MLP art and my friends and my Undertale AU, 'FriendshipTale', I also have many original works that I like to create and share! I hope you enjoy!

Here are some of my awesome friends!! They are the best people ever and you should definitely go watch them and love them and cuddle them and everything!!!! (Forgot to add that I am a big hugger~)

:iconreniei: - *SMOOOOOSHES* RENI! YOU'RE AWESOME! And an epic role play buddy!

:icondiscordcelestia: - Amazing Pony artwork! And one of my irl friends!!

:iconkazerzed: - My beautiful sweetheart herself~ Love you gorgeous. Beautiful art for Undertale, mlp and her own original works!

:iconannasnk: - An Undertale and Role play buddy!! Great artist! Check her out!

:iconchinny-flareysnowzz: - adorable drawings and wonderful friend!

:iconthesepticscorpion: - irl buddy and very good surreal artist as well as some Undertale and art work and other pieces!

:iconzeragii: - My Idol!! They give me so much inspiration and advice!! And they are an amazing artist with an especially amazing comic that I am reading!

:iconjunetheglassesbearer: - Oh my god this person is amazing! Brilliant artwork and an amazing Role player!

:iconmidnight197: - Vanni!! Kind and amazing!

:iconcrimzan4: - CRIMP!!! *HUGS!*

:iconquillwrighter: - Quill is such an amazing artist!! And an awesome Roleplay buddy!!

:iconzabellesscribe: - Another inspiration to me! She is so nice and gives me brilliant feedback and advice! And they are going to be starting a comic soon too!

:iconsaltylittlemidget: - MY WAIFU!! AND AN AMAZING WAIFU SHE IS!

:iconghosheart: - Mlp/Undertale and other pieces! An amazing person!

:iconmake-tracks: - An absolutely kind, beautiful person! She draws wolves and is absolutely amazing at it! and another irl friend!

:iconterraskull:- irl friend! makes amazing pixel art and undertale!

:iconsoftstorms: - irl friend! Does amazing writing! Love his stories and poems!

Please check out all these absolutely amazing people!!


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I was told to make one of these cause of this person who wants to give me points so yay!!! I'm so happy!! I don't know what i should put my goal at so I'll just put 500.
I really want to get core though so if i get enough points I may be able to get it!!

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Without my wings..
..I'm useless..

Amare's wings are a big part of him, they are his speed, his shield, his weapon, his hugging machine XD the are very important to him. In the rp I'm doing with Reniei someone took them from him, twice now XD and the feeling he gets when they are gone is unimaginable. He feels useless and weak and unimportant. His wings help him with everything including his spine and body so being without them also damages his back and balance.

This is a pretty bad pixel art I know, but I'm trying okay? XD Practice makes perfect!!

Plus I'm in art block and had to make something good for content XD


Amare Avium - Zontickles (ME!) 
A lovely gift for Reniei ! (My internet niece :3) You are such a kind and amazing person that I love to talk to everyday, you're smart and talented and have absolutely beautiful artwork. You are a great friend and I hope we will continue to be friends long into the future. I hope you like this my Reni!!! 


Reniei - Reniei (her persona duh XD)

Kieko (my personification) - Zontickles (ME!)
I wanna do some goofy comic like this again:
If only Corrupt had a full name... by Zontickles

Any fun ideas?? 
24 deviations
[FriendshipTale] And though the embers are new
EDIT!: The video is completed everyone!! Check it out!:…

This is my entry for Arerona 's community project!!! I didn't have a heap of time and wanted to think of something quick but good that included all the main characters of FT! My fello owners helped me and so I drew all of their hands reaching for the souls!! The lyric 'And though the embers are new' reminded me of our AU because it's quite fresh and new and still always developing more and more, and we should all be happy with our AU's and creations. I think this project is an amazing idea and I thank Arerona for doing it!!! :huggle:

From left to right:
Alphys, Toriel, Sans, Teali, Papyrus, Chara and Asriel's ghost hands, Frisk on top, Century, Andalus, Asgore, Undyne.

I hope this is good for the lyric and for the project! Can't wait to see it!


FriendshipTale belongs to Zontickles (Me), discordcelestia , and KazerZed 
UnderTale belongs to Toby Fox
Happy 3rd Anniversary Undertale!!!! You'll always be in my heart. <3
Shatter me
This piece was inspired by this song:…
Give it a listen!! It gives this piece loads more context. Is this a new character? Idk. Am I making a story out of this? Who knows. Should you be asking questions? Perhaps. Anyway I hope you like it!

Rust and Fell!Teali have cuddles~
This is for you Quillo! A cute lil' scene of Fell and Rust! Sorry it took so long, had a few things to do XD But it's done and I'm happy with the result! I hope you like them!

This is an rp where Rust rescues little Fell from her home and adopts her as her own, I love them so much. Fell is so tiny!

Hope you like it!


TraditionTale Alphys (Rust) - QuillWrighter 

Fell!Teali - Zontickles (ME!) 

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“Come on Jay! One more building!” Celia called to her friend as she jumped across a large gap of two buildings, daring to look down. She rolled gracefully to the other side, laughing and looking back. Jay, a dark haired girl with chocolate brown eyes and a small but strong structure followed, jumping across and joining Celia to run down the slope like ceiling, away from the yelling bullies that would have smashed their heads in. The girls chuckled at them as they ran and leaped across the roofs of the town, District 37 it was called, a small but highly technological city that they had both grown up in. The two little 12 year old girls knew the city front and back, and commonly used the route of parkouring across the roofs to escape from bullies and trouble.

“Sil! Wait up!” Jay called as she jumped over to her friend, “I think we lost them! Stop will ya?”

Celia, or ‘Sil’ as she liked to be called, skidded to a stop on the main tower of the city, A large industry building with a shiny glass roof to reflect the glimmering light. She looked back at her friend, who came to a stop next to her, wiping her brow of sweat. “Damn your fast! Where’d you learn to run like that?” Jay jokingly yelled.

Sil shrugged “What can I say? I have long legs, you don’t~” She poked her tongue out and they had a mini silly face contest. Laughing as they looked out into the distance, seeing their beautiful city surround them.

“You know,” Sil started. “One day we’re gonna be up here, as adults, and we’ll probably be too big for this glass to hold,” She giggled and started wobbling on one foot to worry Jay on purpose, but she didn’t react, instead she kept talking like nothing was wrong and balanced along with her.
“Oh sure, you will, I definitely won’t~. I’m never leaving the roofs, you can’t make me~!”
“Hey..!” Sil stood properly and went red like a tomato. “I wasn’t trying to!” She whisper yelled back making Jay giggle and pat her shoulder as Sil pouted. “I’m not leaving them either! It’s too fun to give up right?”

Jay Jumped up and down on the roof, making it echo a loud bang. Sil wobbled and instantly grabbed Jay’s arm in worry. “Jay!!! Be careful!” They both laughed, but Sil more giggled nervously. She loved the roofs, but was always a tad more careful than Jay was, she was really the second most daring out of the two, but not by far. Jay continued to jump and dance on the roof, she started singing to go with it, and Jay had the most beautiful voice, Sil couldn’t help but blush and go all goo goo eyes at her when she saw her do it. She loved watching Jay sing and dance, on the roof, at her house, in the park, everywhere.

She’d give anything to stay with her all the time, but sadly, the girl’s parents didn’t get along at all. Jay’s parents, unlike herself, were anti-change, still living in the olden days. It had been 350 years since the revolution of inventions in 2050, but there still seemed to be a small minority who still refused to change, they still wanted to live the old fashioned way, no inventions, no ideas, no change. That was Jay’s parents opinions. Not Jay’s, she was on Sil’s side. Sil’s family were core supporters of their city and it’s industry, her own father was one of the major inventors that founded the very glass building they were standing on now. Which was probably why they could always get away with climbing all over it. But suddenly they felt the glass underneath them crack, and they both froze.


They leaped backwards, running in different directions away from the glass that continued to crack and shatter. How could this have happened? They were so little, they wouldn’t have been able to break through. They ran together, heading straight for the edge of the roof until suddenly some glass cracked in between them, separating Jay from Sil, who was dangerously close to the edge.

“…S-Sil..?” Jay slowly looked up at her and gulped, making up her mind. “..I want you to move away, right now.”

Sil looked terrified. “B-But, the glass…we’ll—“

“Celia..” Jay said carefully and reassuringly “Please…I’m right here, I promise..just…move back, okay? we’ll be fine.” She gave Sil a soft smile. “Move.”

Sil hesitated for a moment, gulped, and nodded, carefully moving backwards on the cracking glass. She flinched as the loud cracks got louder, “J-Jay..”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m coming.” Jay carefully moved forwards, taking light easy steps across the glass. “You’re almost there, keep going, we’ll get out of this, together.” Sil couldn’t help but wonder how Jay could always be so determined and persistent about things. It worried her. It was always ‘this will happen’ and ‘I am right’ and ‘We will get out of this’. It was like she didn’t know the meaning of mistakes, and being wrong. But no one could know everything, that was Sil’s opinion.

“You’re almost there Sil, almost there—“ she gasped “NO!” and before Sil could react to the breaking glass under her, Jay leaped forwards and shoved Sil onto the stone edge...

...But Jay suddenly felt the glass give way, and she fell.

She was on the ground. Her body went numb. And all Sil could do was hear the deadening thud from up high, scrambling over to the edge to see her motionless body.

“JAY!” She choked out, tears began to pour down her face while she harshly covered her mouth in terror. Sobs escaped her as she stared horrifically down at her friend, motionless in the centre of the floor, people crowded around her in shock, hair covered her glassy eyes, blood poured from the back of her head.

“G-GET AWAY!” She screamed making a majority of the crowd look up at her and then the roof. “GET AWAY FROM HER!” She dashed to the side and started climbing down immediately, balling her eyes out when she finally came down and raced to the centre. She pushed through crowds of men and women, not caring about the rude remarks she got, ‘The daughter of the magnificent Charles Cogsmith’? Being rude?

…what a ridiculous thought.

She raced to Jay’s side, grabbing her head harshly. “Jay!!” She shook her head a little. “Wake up!” Sil sobbed. She wiped her face of blood and tears, pleading for her to wake up, but when Jay did not she dropped her head, resting it on Jay’s chest… and cried. She felt as if her entire world crumbled to ashes. “…Wake up..please..”


Probably the saddest thing I've ever written, and a part of Celia Jay Cogsmith's backstory, the day she lost her best friend and gained her terrifying fear of heights, Acrophobia. 
I cried while writing this so I'm sorry to any sad feels I make. If you are sensitive to this stuff you have been warned, but otherwise I hope this sad but interesting part of her backstory is a good read! 


Celia Jay Cogsmith:………
I found this on YouTube, and I think it should be shared around, because this is a problem that affects all of us and it comes across my mind quite often.

I hope you guys share ^^

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