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Wear a smile: sit down and breathe, friend.
Let your thoughts coagulate and let that sadness end.
You're not really here anyway: does what you see make sense?
Well, your eyes aren't open, and your body's really tense.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 1 0
On the Topic of Life
I went out for a walk today, I went out for a walk,
I saw my neighbor along the way and we began to talk,
"My friend!", he said, "please come inside, and view my grand contraption",
I followed him in and in and through and saw the beast in action.
'Twas then there came a whirring screech, a bright and blinding flash,
Marvelous clinks and stomping thuds and once my daze had passed,
"The first to see is what you are", my friend himself declared,
the first to see what I have made, and life is what I've dared."
While I'm amazed, I must admit, it gave me quite a scare,
Nothing I know prepared me for this- this golem made aware,
A towering and awful thing, though it made its owner proud,
(It made me want to run and scream profanities aloud).
"It's beautiful!" I falsely spoke and edged and edged away,
"Why, I thank you," he said, no intent to ruin my day - "But,"
"This machine, it needs a soul, you see, to be like you, like you and me,
and I've got just the trick: a prick you'll feel, no more
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 1 0
3rd Encounter
I met you by the bomb-bay doors
where you were cherry red.
You said to "call me later",
but you won't last a day. Instead,
I'll meet you on the ground,
God willing that we land -
though don't try to polish me off
as soon as I can stand.
We'll meet up down the hall a bit,
sneak off and have our fun.
But you won't last as long as me,
three minutes and you're done.
But you'll meet me best of all as I lie asleep in bed,
and you hide me one more time, bar the stench of the dead.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 2 3
Smoke Break
A haze struck out today,
Though it's not here to stay.
I hope.
But now it's been quite near a year you've not gone on your way.
Yet as I stare at you balanced against the sky, you choke out even my thoughts-
So I walk away.
You're now and always a tended fire,
And attention inspires... it makes you burn and burn.
So you do.
I remember smoking, and causing you to rise.
It was a pretty sight, however much I regret it.
(Nor does thinking back to those beautiful memories help)
But no combatant is willing to fight you, and you're too hot now to approach.
I could, perhaps, wait for you to burn out, though, I want none to die-
So it scares me that there are those that love the air so dry.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 1 0
Journey Past Midnight
Is it so I should press forward without a thought?
You certainly make it seem as though I should not - should I not?
The rapids are omni-vicious but I remain unscathed.
The light grows dim and far between beneath this canopy...
The aural ability
clogged with misery
of all your beasts
in search of feasts -
but you keep me off the shore.
Let's explore that I'm sheltered: you cannot stop me.
Perhaps that you're bound: your will is not free?
But I know that you're with me,
you always have been,
so why is this what you permit?
...Explore I'm forsaken and cast out to sea:
You've decided yourself that you've no need of me?
This cannot be right,
I can't let it be!
I'll row and I'll fight - and I'll fight back your sea!
I'm sorry, but it had...
It had taken to you, grandiose passions.
It had! It had!
Though you may cry "the horror" I do find it best
to lay your head down - to put you to rest.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 1 0
The Unfortunate Case of a Sole Surivivor
'I'm not to blame', thought him, as he wandered through ruins,
For he still had his life, as though life- he once knew it.
All around, the stonework creaks,
Twisted, black, burned and bleak,
The crying of stone, burned so weak
Is enough to raise his chin.
Around, he glares, through hollow smoke,
Which clouds and blots and lives to choke
All who aren't aware that good has left the earth.
Nothing spotted, but yet, so lividly,
The loner turns, begins to flee
From beneath the home,
For well he knows he's not alone.
Chase and pursuit rear from his mind,
From a place with a friend from a different time
Where guard was not kept and lives fell behind-
Well, our hero now knows what it means to align
With the forces of dark, his life for his,
And to fear what you can't see, evil crouching in wait.
Light breaks overhead and sheds some relief
Upon the scorched world before him, though he feels no grief,
'I did not do this, I act just to be:
I want and I breathe, I live and I see
A world full of pa
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 0 2
A View Anew: Love
Humans were not meant to traverse the skies,
yet they do so every day -
Nor should I be with you they say,
but have no doubt I'll find a way
to bring you where I see today.
For though I sit here placid and confined I am allowed the freedom of thought -
Free thought we sought,
though I seek not:
I seek not but for you.
And though I see far
I see, though, not but you.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 0 4
Cold and desolate,
but I am happiest here
in the nether realm;
there is no wonder
for I know all I possess
in the nether realm.
Though I am in pain
longing to forget it all
and to fade away,
for all things bore you
when you are overexposed;
I have grown jaded -
happier to go
from the cold I've learned to love
than to be unchanged.
And when I am gone,
though I really have no choice,
I want you to grow.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 0 0
An Epiphany in Youth, of Snow and Solitude
It all seems to pass by
at fine points
under my eye
in time,
The heat has distanced itself
and the world around me
from every living thing
and things are calm.
One cannot help but distance themselves
from the clamour of friends
and everything they know
that force warm interactions and companionship down throats of the unwilling,
For nothing can change what
I witness occurring-
the subtle drift of snow to the ground signifies-
a break from colour and noise,
because here, things are calm.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 0 0
What it Takes
"There I was, 'twas there I be
to lie in wait, I chaste for thee
to satisfy, to pay your fee
And eschew your firm despair,"
Three movements swift
and scorns unfurl,
from deep within
the victim roars
unhallowed pleas
"Thee end thyself right there,"
A cri de cœur
is mute to her,
So with duty done
the day is won,
And love can fill the air.
:iconzonnes:Zonnes 0 0


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