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Back to the Future: Skyway C25

"What is it? What's the matter, Doc?"

"For a moment I thought I saw a taxi in my rear display... I thought it was following us. Weird."

- - - - -
Please take time to look at this picture in full view.

An old tribute of mine to the best trilogy of films ever made - it should need no introduction but to all you tranqs, lo-bos and zip-heads* out there, it's Back To The Future.

Hill Valley, California: Wednesday October 21st, 2015.

Doc, Marty & Einstein race to Hilldale on Skyway C25 in order to get the 1985 Jennifer back from her future home before she bumps into her future self. Yeah, it's a bit of a difficult one to explain, but most of us will have seen it already so I can save myself the effort. All that remains to be said is that this is still my favourite portrayal of an over-commercialised future USA, with more product placement than a tongue-in-cheek Wayne's World scene.

This picture was made for a competition last year in which the winner would get a chance to have their work displayed in a Los Angeles gallery and seen by the likes of Kevin Smith. Unsurprisingly, I never heard anything about it after sending my submission, but at least I got some decent BTTF artwork out of it. THAT NOBODY HAS EVER SEEN. Aaaargh!

So finally here it is, better late than never. A piece of time travel artwork from the past. How very appropriate. :D

* If you get this reference then congratulations - you're almost as much of a crazed BTTF fan as I am.
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The freakin' taxi cab
Genie92's avatar
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Its 2018 and we still don't have our hovercars!
Sapphire1X7's avatar
30 Years later on that EXACT day I posted this, it would have been like this. In reality, we still flying cars but not like the ones we see in BTTF Part 2. I wish its cool to have something like this. As for the art, its well detailed so yea.
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Awesome piece and it's on right now (dammit AMC channel).
FastCarsNoRules220's avatar
Though it wasn't actually raining on their way to Hilldale, this still looks amazing! 
Extraxi's avatar
I love this! :D

The DeLorean has such character...well, it actually is a character.
This portrayal of the BTTF 2015 and the flying time-machine in the pouring rain is just epic. :clap:
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Now is 2015.

Where my hovercar?
Midcity-Cartoonist's avatar
Trust me, I got the reference because I - like you - am a "crazed BTTF fan" as well. This is stunning to view. Would you mind telling me what program you used and how you achieved some of the effects?
Again, stunning!

"Great Scott!"
4wearemanytoo's avatar
"It's the power of love!"
Awesme4Science's avatar
OMG!! This is freaking awessome!! :D
LiaHansen's avatar
How did this not win that thing? this should win everything!
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Dude, this is awesome..
Kba33's avatar
yep... we don't need roads.
Excelent fanart!
Traffic would be a nightmare.
tailstheawsomefox's avatar
AnimationValley's avatar
Amazing artwork!!!
Matt3985's avatar
Is that Marty and Doc inside the Delorean? I can barely see them??? Other than that great job on this. 5 stars. :)
TheWildRumpus's avatar
Nice nice, and double nice. All the little things from the scene seem to be intact, and everything is all in proportion. I really dug the look of this sequence, so this hits the spot for me.

Keep on rockin'
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yep, like i said...traffic is hell.
fredvegerano's avatar
This is a priceless artwork!!Wonderfully done!Amazing and fanatstic!!I love the trilogy,the humor and the excelent special effects!In all a superb artwork!!:clap:
AydinPrower7's avatar
Now THIS is heavy! lol, couldn't resist that.
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